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How Much to Spend on a Baby Shower Gift For Your Reference

You may be familiar with the unpleasant feeling that comes with shopping gifts for a baby shower, as well as the uneasy sensation you may get while mom-to-be is unwrapping presents and you’re comparing yours to everyone else’s. There’s the question of what to purchase, but there’s also the question of how much to spend on a baby shower present. Many parents accept gifts during the celebration, which might be awkward if you’re not sure how much to spend or what to get. You could also have inquiries regarding group presents or one-of-a-kind gift ideas.

How Much To Spend On A Baby Shower Gift?

1. Baby Shower for a Family Member or Close Friend

Yay! Congratulations, a new member of your tribe will be joining you shortly! It’s extremely special to attend a baby shower for a family member. Going to this celebration will be a delightful gathering of known acquaintances, and there is no question that you want a personal and helpful baby shower present.

The amount you spend on a baby gift will first be determined by your budget. Nobody wants you to go into debt in order to buy a gift. Family members’ average presents range from $50 to $200. A cousin might pay $50, although a grandmother or close aunt would spend more. If it’s a close buddy, your budget may be approximately $100.

Whatever you decide to spend on a baby shower present, keep in mind to strike a balance between what the mom-to-be has registered for and something unique or personal. You want your loved one to “remember” that you got her something exceptional and valuable.

Gifts We Enjoy Giving

Baby Carrier (also known as a front pack or wrap/sling) – We enjoy giving this as a gift because it will be used frequently. Every time she puts it on, the new mom will quietly thank you in her brain. There are many excellent options on the market, so it really boils down to personal choice. We’d stick with what mom-to-be has on her register for this item.

Accessories for Strollers – Going all-in for the stroller system may be too much to ask, but if you know what stroller the mom is registered for, you may take care of the much-appreciated extras.Organizers/caddies, food trays, cup holders, ride-along boards (for older siblings), rain shields, and hooks are examples. Again, they are really valuable gifts that will be used again, earning the new parents a great deal of appreciation.

A Bathtime Bundle – Bathtime may be a lovely time to bond with your baby. Obtaining the baby tub, shampoo, washcloths, toys, towels, and even an apron from mom/dad may enhance the pleasurable experience. Don’t be scared to purchase items that will benefit the older infant. The finest presents are those that last longer and grow with the infant. In addition, a collection of objects can be organized in the baby tub or a basket to make a lovely presentation during the baby shower.

2. Baby Shower for a Friend/Distant Relative

We strive to spend between $40 and $80 when deciding how much to spend on a baby shower present for a friend or distant relative. What you buy with this money will be determined by how well you know the expectant mother. Most new moms have a baby register where you can see what she has already purchased and what she still needs.

That being said, if you want to acquire something more personal or unique, don’t be scared to deviate from the registry list. If you’ve used a product that you adore but it’s not on her register, go for it!

Just don’t forget the gift receipt in case she has to replace it (and don’t be angry if she does).

Gifts We Enjoy Giving

Diaper Cake – If you’re feeling creative, bundling diapers, wrapping them with a swaddling blanket, and topping it with a pretty bow is a terrific show-stopper to bring to the celebration. There are several how-to videos on YouTube that will assist you in creating a gorgeous arrangement.

Portable Playard – We adore how useful this piece of baby equipment is whether at home or on the go. Avoid gimmicky add-ons in favor of portability and ease of usage. x

Gift Cards – If you are unable to attend the baby shower, a gift card can be mailed to the new parents. The gift card does not have to be for a baby store; gift cards to grocery stores, restaurants (with dine-in choices), Target, and Amazon are all acceptable.

3. Baby Shower for Clients/Employees

If you have a customer or colleague who is expecting a new baby, you have an excellent opportunity to express your thanks and support! Depending on your proximity to the expectant parents, we propose a budget of $50 to $150.

When selecting a present, buying something unusual and/or really helpful will always go a long way. This demonstrates a higher degree of appreciation. It is also important where you shop. Several products purchased from a bargain retailer may leave a poor image, especially if you are purchasing for a client. We advocate purchasing one or two higher-quality things rather than multiple low-cost items.

Gifts We Enjoy Giving

Family Portrait Mini-Session – Gifts We Like To Give Many area photographers and studios provide small sessions that make excellent gift cards. This type of present will be much appreciated, unusual, and will reflect well on your firm. This is also an excellent group gift.

Diapers – There will be so many diapers required for the new baby that new parents will never turn them down (unless they are too little!). We adore size 2s for giving in bulk.)

Buying a Baby Shower Gift vs. Doing It Yourself

“It’s the thought that counts,” as the old saying goes. What counts most when deciding what to bring to a baby shower is that you put thought and affection into the gift. You can save money by purchasing a present that is on sale (don’t include a gift receipt for these) or by including something handcrafted. One item from the register is required by etiquette, but you can pick a lesser present and match it with something homemade.

Another idea is to make a themed gift basket from of the registry’s lesser but important items. Digital thermometers and nail clippers are sometimes overlooked in favor of more showy presents, but new parents require them just as much. Putting these goods together into a “baby care kit” or other themed gift basket is practical, kind, and can be less expensive than buying a single large item.

How to Choose a Gift for New Parents

The sheer number of items needed for a new baby can frequently overwhelm first-time parents. They’ve probably put a lot of time and study into the goods on their baby registry, so it’s an easy method for you to ensure you deliver a present they’ll appreciate.

If you’re a seasoned parent, you can consider gifting something you know will come in handy, even if it’s not on their register. Fill a diaper bag with your favorite swaddles, bottles, and board books, for example. Include a note in the card explaining why you found the item so useful with your own child and/or offer some sound advise on when to use it.

Baby Shower Gift


Of course, you must spend what you want to spend and present what you believe the mother-to-be would love and utilize. Of course, when the baby is born, check in to see if the new parents require any assistance. Even the smallest gesture is immensely appreciated.

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