How Much To Spend On Groomsmen Gifts: Complete Guide

How Much To Spend On Groomsmen Gifts: Complete Guide

Wedding planning is demanding, as any bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, and Steve Martin can attest. The good news is that you’re not struggling by yourself. A wedding is never a one-person job. There is a second party involved, at the very least. The bad news is that this wedding will cost a pretty penny, including some costs you never thought of. One of the items on that list is groomsmen gifts

It’s possible that you are unaware of this custom. You may be wondering, “Do I need to buy groomsmen gifts?” as you sit there. Which gets a resounding yes in response.

You must still decide how much to spend on the groomsmen gifts after accepting that you must purchase them.

How Much to Spend on Groomsmen Gifts?

Most grooms spend between $35 and $45 on each groomsman on average. You can decide how much to spend on gifts for your groomsmen using a few different calculations that are outlined in this post. But when we examined the information for more than 40,000 orders, we discovered that a groom in the US spent, on average, $38 on gifts for his groomsmen.

To be clear, not all wedding parties will spend $38 on average. When determining how much to spend on your groomsmen gifts, consider the following rules.

Spend 10-25% of What Your Groomsmen Spent

Again, this is not a rigid rule, but it is a nice and simple guideline to use when deciding what is a reasonable amount to spend on the groomsmen. You buy your friend a gift that costs between 10% and 25% of the total amount he spent, for example, if you asked him to spend $300 on your wedding. In this instance, a groomsmen gift costs between $30 and $75. Giving gifts in proportion to how much time and money your groomsmen invested in your special day is more equitable because the more your groomsmen spend, the more you spend. To be clear, use your best judgment when choosing gifts for each groomsman, and let me say it again: personalize them.

If you’re hosting a wedding that’s on the lower end of the spending scale and you haven’t asked your friends to fork over an arm and a leg to stand by your side, then it’s perfectly acceptable to purchase affordable groomsmen gifts that hover around the $25 price point. On the other hand, it’s more appropriate to give our more expensive gifts to the groomsmen if you’re going all out and throwing a ritzy wedding bash. The best advice in this situation is to use your judgment, buy gifts that are comparable in price for each groomsman (disparagement of favoritism is not acceptable), and select presents that you are confident each guy will value and enjoy.

Since some grooms only purchase a portion of the groomsmen gift from us, we anticipate that number to be a little higher per gift.

How Much To Spend On Groomsmen Gifts: Complete Guide

What Factors Should Play into Your Gift Budget?

How Much Are Your Groomsmen Spending to Be at Your Wedding?

Plan to spend a decent amount of money on their gift (typically between 10 and 15 percent of what you’re asking them to spend) if you’re expecting your groomsmen to shell out hundreds of dollars on wedding attire, your bachelor party, and other wedding-related expenses. On the other hand, it would be appropriate to budget a little less for their groomsmen’s gift if you’re not asking your groomsmen to spend much—or any—money to participate in your special day (for instance, if they’re wearing their suits and don’t need to travel for wedding events).

How Involved Are You Asking Your Groomsmen to Be in the Wedding Planning Process?

Some groomsmen participate fully in the wedding planning process, assisting the groom with everything from selecting a location to organizing the bachelor party and deciding on their wedding style. It may be necessary to spend more money on the groomsmen’s gift if they are spending a lot of time and effort on helping you realize your wedding vision.

What is Your Partner’s Budgeting for Wedding Party Gifts?

You might not want to spend $20 if your partner is spending $200 on gifts for the wedding party. Talk to your partner before deciding on a budget for groomsmen gifts so that you are both on the same page (or at least have a similar spending limit).

When to Potentially Spend Less on Groomsmen Gifts…

You certainly don’t have to, but you should aim to spend at least $30 on your groomsmen’s gifts. Giving your groomsmen a personalized, less expensive gift (like a framed photo or a six-pack of their preferred craft brew) is appropriate if you’re having a budget-conscious wedding and don’t have much left over in your budget for presents.

…And When to Potentially Spend More

On the other hand, you might want to set aside more money for your groomsmen’s gift if your wedding is a bigger, more expensive, or lavish affair. You want to give your groomsmen a gift that is appropriate for their time and financial commitment, for instance, if you’re having a 300-person destination beach wedding and your groomsmen need to take a week off work and spend a significant amount of money on travel and lodging. And that might entail spending more on wedding party gifts than the average groom.


The value and thought that went into choosing the ideal groomsmen gift will be more important to your groomsmen than the price tag on their present.

The best thing you can do, therefore, is to choose a wedding party gift that demonstrates to your groomsmen how much you value their contribution to your special day, regardless of your budget. Considering how priceless that kind of gift is.

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