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Where Is The Security Code On A Starbucks Gift Card?

Having a gift card burning a hole in your pocket and not knowing how to use it is the most annoying situation. Beverages, food, and merchandise can all be bought with Starbucks Card eGifts in participating Starbucks stores as well as online. But where is the security code on a Starbucks gift card? Learn more about Starbucks gift cards by reading this article.

How Do Starbucks Gift Cards Work

The first thing you should learn if you’re the lucky owner of a Starbucks gift card is how to use it to satisfy your caffeine craving.

Depending on where you purchase them, Starbucks gift cards can be purchased in either physical or digital form, and their value ranges from $5 to $75.

The majority of retail establishments, including:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Kroger

As an alternative, you can purchase virtual gift cards online from most gift card merchants, including Amazon, or directly from Starbucks.

Simply present your Starbucks gift card when paying for your coffee to use it. You must show the 16-digit card number that was sent to you via email if the card is a virtual one.

If you have enough money on your Starbucks gift card to cover your purchase, your card will be charged before any other forms of payment. Any remaining balance will be kept for the next time you have a coffee craving.

You might need to top up your payment with your regular debit or credit card if the balance on your card is insufficient.

But if you combine them with the Starbucks app on your phone, Starbucks gift cards can become more adaptable.

You’ll require the security code, or CSC, to do this.

Where Is The CSC On A Starbucks Gift Card

The CSC is printed on the back of physical Starbucks gift cards and is covered by a layer of silver tape.

The 8-digit CSC must first be revealed by scratching off the tape; following that, you can:

  1. Register your card and join Starbucks Rewards
  2. Upload the card’s balance via the Starbucks app on your phone
  3. Check your card balance
  4. Reload your card
Starbucks Gift Cards

Registering Your Card And Joining Starbucks Rewards

Every time you purchase a Starbucks product, you earn points through Starbucks Rewards.

When you have accumulated enough points, you can use them to get free drinks at any Starbucks location.

You must: in order to open a Starbucks account.

  1. Download the app
  2. Register with your personal details

As your default payment method for contactless transactions, you can load a standard debit or credit card. You can even use a prepaid MasterCard or Visa card for this.

Once you’ve created a Starbucks account, you’ll be able to add your gift card—whether it’s physical or virtual—and pay through the app.

Uploading Your Gift Card

You must:

  1. Log in to the Starbucks app on your phone
  2. Go to the Cards screen
  3. Look for and hit the + Add card button
  4. Type in your gift card’s 16-digit card number and CSC
  5. Hit Add card

When you return to the app’s main card screen, you can choose what to do with the remaining value of your Starbucks gift card.

How To Check The Balance On Starbucks Card

Your Starbucks gift card balance can be viewed in four ways. The Starbucks card page, Starbucks reward page, Starbucks mobile app, or just calling their phone number can all be used to check your balance. Each method’s detailed instructions are listed below.

On The Card Page

  • Visit the Starbucks gift card page by going to in your web browser.// and select “Check balance”.
  • Enter the number on your Starbucks card in the resulting window. The 16-digit number you see on the back of your gift card is this one. Ensure that only the digits are used, without any spaces or dashes.
  • the Card Security Code (CSC). This is an eight-digit number that typically has a scratch-off area on it. The gift card’s back includes it as well. On the other hand, if you’re using a Starbucks eGift card, look for the security code next to the card number.
  • To see how much money is still on your gift card, click the “Check Balance” button.

On The Rewards Page

  • Visit or to access the Starbucks rewards page in your web browser.
  • Tap “Card management” after logging into your Starbucks Rewards account.
  • Select the card on which you want to check the balance from the list of available cards.

Using The Starbucks Mobile App

  • Install the Starbucks app on your iPhone by going to the App Store or your Android device by going to the Google Play Store.
  • Tap the “Scan” tab after logging into your Starbucks app. This can be accessed from the main screen’s bottom. Your default Starbucks gift card and its balance will be shown on the app.
  • To see the remaining balances of the other gift cards in your Starbucks rewards account, swipe left.

By Call

  • Take a look at the back of your Starbucks gift card. Usually, a toll-free number will be provided.
  • Ask the customer service agent to check your gift card balance when you call. In the event that you are unable to use the Starbucks mobile app on your iPhone or Android device for whatever reason, this is a viable alternative.

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