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Do You Bring a Gift to a Gender Reveal Party? And What Gift Is Appropriate?

People frequently worry if they should bring a gift to a gender reveal party. And the answer is, if you want to, yeah. In this situation, the present you take is usually for the expecting mother and/or father, rather than the baby, because gifts for the infant are given during the baby shower. If the baby shower and gender reveal party are combined, bring a present for both the baby and the parents. For some inspiration, consider these gender reveal party gift ideas.

Do You Bring a Gift to a Gender Reveal Party?

Because a gender reveal party is not a gift-giving occasion, you are quite free to bring something.

However, you are not required to bring a present to a gender reveal party! A baby shower will be held in a few months, and parents-to-be will be anticipating a present at that time.

Many individuals really wait until the gender is announced before purchasing a baby so they know whether they are purchasing for a boy or a girl.

Although gender reveal party presents are not essential, some guests do bring them. It is advised to focus on gifting the parents-to-be rather than the baby during a gender reveal celebration. While you can offer baby gifts, parents-to-be are sometimes overlooked amid the thrill of a new baby and like the thought of receiving something especially for them.

What Kind of Gift Should You Bring to a Gender Reveal Party?

Gender Reveal Party Gifts for Mom

Consider what the mom-to-be could love once the baby is born while shopping for gender reveal party gifts. If the expectant mother loves a few drinks on occasion, you may get a wine glass branded “Mom” or “Queen.” If not, you may get a tumbler or a coffee cup with the word “mom” on it instead. Other ideas are candles, a massage gift voucher, or a gift basket loaded with some of her favorite goodies.

Gender Reveal Party Gifts for Dad

Gender reveal party presents for the father-to-be are also readily available. Instead of buying a wine glass for dad, try getting him a “dad” beer glass. Of course, it’s also simple to get coffee cups with the word “Dad” on them, especially if the gender reveal party falls near to Father’s Day. A #1 Dad T-shirt or a matching T-shirt and onesie combo for dad and the baby are some more gender reveal gift options for the father-to-be.

Gender Reveal Gifts for Couples

Gifts for a gender reveal party can be as basic or as ornate as you choose. You may also buy a present for the soon-to-be mom and dad as a couple rather than separate gifts. Consider buying Mom and Dad Coffee Mugs, which come with two coffee cups branded mama and papa (or mom and dad). If the pair enjoys a few alcoholic beverages on occasion, choose the New Parent’s Starter pack, which contains a “mom” wine glass and a “dad” beer glass.

Baby-Related Gift Ideas

Despite the fact that you do not want to buy baby-related presents for the parents-to-be. Consider buying them things they will treasure for the rest of their life, such as a newborn handprint kit or a kit that allows parents to easily produce a clay cast of their baby’s handprint or footprint. You might also consider giving them a family photo frame or album.

Finally, while shopping for gifts for a gender reveal party, keep the parents in mind. Gifts labeled “mom” and “dad” are usually fantastic choices since they acknowledge their position as new parents. However, you may also buy presents for the couple to enjoy together or items for them to enjoy as a new family.

What Not to Gift at a Gender Reveal Party?


While a gender reveal may appear to be a fantastic moment to toast to the new baby, it isn’t for the simple reason that it isn’t beneficial for the celebrant. Bringing a bottle of wine to a gender reveal is likely to make the expecting parents feel excluded and inclined to take a glass.

If you feel obligated to bring a bottle or have been assigned to provide drinks for the party, stick to non-alcoholic options that everyone can enjoy.

Unsolicited Guidance

If the parents at a gender reveal party ask you about getting their kid to sleep through the night, tell them what you know. Advice is valuable, but only when it is requested. Giving advise when it is not desired might result in unpleasant circumstances.

If you want to provide advise to the new parents, wait for them to ask for it or ask them if you could. Remember that this sort of present isn’t appropriate for everyone, so don’t be upset if they refuse.

Gender-Specific Presents

Gender reveals serve the objective of, well, revealing the baby’s gender. Bringing a gendered present to an occasion might result in an unpleasant scenario if you choose the wrong gender.



While gender reveal party presents are not required, some individuals enjoy giving gifts to others, especially when it includes an exciting event such as the delivery of a new baby. The options in this post are fantastic gift ideas that mom, dad, and baby will all appreciate. When selecting a present, always consider the person you are purchasing for, as well as their likes and dislikes – and don’t forget that gift cards are never frowned upon!

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