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How to Put Tissue Paper in a Gift Bag? With 3 Detailed Ways

Few things are more thrilling than a surprise gift that arrives in a colorful gift bag with lovely tissue paper peeking out the top. Learn how to put tissue in a gift bag to make it appear like you had a professional wrapping job done if you’re searching for a quick and easy wrapping solution.

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Normal Method

  1. Begin by layering three pieces of tissue paper together. You may use a single color, three colors to compliment the present bag, or three shades of one color for an ombre effect.
  2. Fold the piled papers into a square, then a triangle, and finally into each side.
  3. Make a point out of the open end or round it off. Make sure your triangle is cut low enough to accommodate all of the layers.
  4. Unfold and lay out the three papers. Pinch the paper squarely in the center and pull it up one sheet at a time.
  5. With one hand holding the pinched points, flick the paper and drop it into the bag.
  6. Tissue Flowers on Two Sheets. Stack two sheets of tissue paper on top of each other. Use two colors that are the same or match the bag design.
  7. Fold the pages accordion style, beginning at one end.
  8. The folded paper should be cut in half. Set aside one half to form a second flower.
  9. Wrap a length of twine around the folded paper’s center. The thread should be long enough to knot around the center of the folded paper and enough to tie on or around the present. (A pipe cleaner can also be used for this phase.)
  10. Round off each open end with scissors.
  11. Separate and fluff the layers gently before attaching it to your gift.
  12. Tissue Paper Bow with Sprinkles. 5 sheets of tissue paper stacked Make a rainbow, use different colours for an ombre effect, or match the wrap colors.
  13. Along the folds, cut the stack into five halves.
  14. Each part should be folded twice along the folds and sliced into three stacks.
  15. Fold the rectangles in half twice, once from side to side and once from top to bottom. With your scissors, tidy up the edges.
  16. Thread a sharp needlework needle with enough thread or twine to wrap around the box.
  17. Connect your tissue paper pieces by threading them through the folded corner.
  18. Wrap the yarn around the box and secure it.
  19. Gently twist and fluff the tissue paper one square at a time.
  20. Tuck the card beneath the tissue paper bow.

Wrist Flick Method

  1. Take hold of a piece of tissue paper in the center.
  2. Use your wrist and arm to make a flicking motion. The paper in this image is a little worn; the fresher the paper, the better it “poofs up” when flicked. However, as you will see shortly, this older preserved tissue paper would still form a lovely present bag.
  3. With your other hand, smooth the whipped sheet of paper downward.
  4. When you turn it upward, it should be ready to put in the gift bag. If necessary, softly tug on the edges to get the paper to appear as you want; however, don’t do too much tinkering or the paper will begin to seem used and unfresh.
  5. Rep the preceding procedures with four or five pieces of color-coordinated paper. Place all of them in the bag. Voila! You now have a stunning final product that took only seconds to develop.
Gift Bag

Fan Method

  1. Place a piece of tissue paper flat on a surface. Choose a colored item that complements a hue in the present bag. You may also pick two or three colors that compliment the color and style of the present bag.
  2. Grasp the sides of the tissue paper and draw them together. Depending on the size of the present bag and how far you want the tissue paper to hang out, you can grab horizontally or vertically. Because a huge present bag is being utilized in this case, the long sides are gripped.
  3. Gather the paper in the center so that you may hold it in your non-dominant hand.
  4. Hold the collected paper in one hand while softly tugging on the paper’s edges with the other. This will provide charming small folds on your tissue paper. The folds are simpler to form with more costly tissue paper. If you have less costly tissue paper, you can use your fingers to assist make the creases, as demonstrated in the image with yellow paper below.
  5. You should still be holding the tissue paper after you’ve worked your creases, and it should appear like a fan on both sides.
  6. Fold the sides of the fan together to produce a bigger fan.
  7. You may also fold them such that one fan is in front of the other and somewhat lower.
  8. Repeat the preceding processes with additional pieces of paper—the more, the better. Three to five sheets are frequently sufficient. Tuck a sheet inside the present bag as you work on it. Tada! You have a lovely completed product.

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