How To Wrap A Blanket As A Gift: Step-by-step Guide

How To Wrap A Blanket As A Gift: Step-by-step Guide

Spread a thin layer of lace or ribbon over the blanket’s top. Neither too thick nor too thin is acceptable. Lace or ribbon should be wrapped around the desired area. A swirling effect will be the outcome. Use a light touch to prevent damaging the fabric. If more lace or ribbon is required, add it to the blanket to make sure it is completely covered.

A blanket can be wrapped in a variety of ways as a gift. It can be presented in a gift bag or a box. A broadsheet or a fabric wrapper are additional options.

Step-by-step Guide on Wrapping a Blanket as a Gift

Gather the Materials Needed

Get a big blanket, some ribbon, and some scissors before you begin. The blanket should now be folded in half, making it long and narrow.

Roll the Blanket & Secure It With a Ribbon

A roll of the blanket that is fastened with a ribbon is one option. To accomplish this, fold the blanket in half lengthwise, roll it up starting at one end, and tie a ribbon around the rolled blanket.

This technique works well for blankets of all sizes and is simple to modify to fit the amount of space you have.

Another benefit of this approach is that it enables you to include extras like pillows or scented candles in the gift.

Place in a Nice Box

Even though a plain blanket might not seem like a particularly thoughtful gift, taking the time to present it in a nice box and fold it neatly can really make a difference.

The extra effort communicates your appreciation for the recipient and your willingness to go above and beyond to ensure their happiness.

Wrap the Box Or Tie a Ribbon

Put the gift in a reusable bag, paper-wrap the box, or decorate it with a ribbon. Tie a ribbon around the box if you’re giving a gift to someone who enjoys all things sparkly.

Even the most mundane gifts can appear special with the addition of a ribbon because it adds a touch of luxury.

Creative Options for Wrapping the Blanket

Using a Box

Putting a blanket in a chic storage box is a great gift-giving idea. If you don’t know how to wrap a blanket, you can simply roll it up lengthwise and tie it with ribbon. If sewing is not your thing, you can also wrap it in a tablecloth. Cover the remaining portion of the blanket with cellophane or wrapping paper, making sure the edges are tucked in. Make sure to only wrap it so that it covers roughly one-third of the gift. Consider investing in some cheap party balloons and wrapping paper to give your gift a decorative touch.

If you’re unsure of the appropriate box size, think about using a pretty one. Most major home retailers, including Target and JoAnn’s, carry the best selection. If you’re giving a large quilt as a gift, a large box is required. Baby quilts or tiny throw quilts can also fit inside a decorative box. Wrap the blanket box you just bought in festive materials to make it look lovely.

Using a Gift Bag

You can wrap a blanket as a gift with paper, ribbon, or even a made-from-sewing gift bag rather than a conventional box. Four contemporary gift-wrapping ideas for blankets are provided by best-selling author and designer Kim Schaefer. To make it simple to give the ideal gift, each book includes 12 sheets of wrapping paper and gift tags.

Stronger blankets can be wrapped easily to prevent tangled threads and maintain the shape of the blanket by using a gift bag. A scarf is simpler to roll and wrap in a spiral pattern than a blanket, which is easier to wrap if folded into squares. A reusable gift bag is another excellent option because the recipient can use it for other blankets.

Your blanket will be well-protected from creases and dings if it is wrapped in a gift bag. As a larger size will result in a bulkier bag, be sure to select the proper one. A blanket can be wrapped more easily if it is shrunk from its original size. A blanket, cylinder, or even a jar of homemade sauce can all be kept in a sizable gift bag.

How To Wrap A Blanket As A Gift: Step-by-step Guide

Using a Broadsheet

Try wrapping a large blanket in a broadsheet if you want to give it as a gift. This non-brightly material can be wrapped in numerous layers. Although this approach is not the most attractive, the blanket will stand out more. Tie a ribbon around the handle as another way to wrap a blanket. A ribbon with the same pattern as the blanket should be chosen.

Despite the fact that broadsheets are rarely colored, they give blankets a pop of color and improve their appearance. But they eliminate the element of surprise. Choose a broadsheet that matches the blanket’s pattern if you’re looking for a present for a friend or member of your family. In this manner, you can present the blanket in a special way and demonstrate your thoughtfulness.

Using a Fabric Wrapper

A novel way to gift-wrap a blanket is to use a fabric wrapper. To make a lovely package, you can use outdated clothing or a scarf. A fabric swatch can also be used to wrap gifts. These distinctive gift bags are both distinctive and reusable. In additionally to making bows and hair ties, the ribbon can be used to tie packages.

The following step is to fold the fabric piece into a square after it has been cut to fit your gift. Make sure the fabric exceeds the blanket’s surface area. For this project, go with a square-patterned fabric. It will completely enclose the gift’s surface when you fold it over. The fabric should then be tied in a knot at the top to keep it in place.

Giving a throw blanket in a fabric bag is a good idea. You can always make one from an old shirt or a fabric napkin if you don’t enjoy sewing. Furoshiki are however readily available online if you lack the confidence to make your own. Additionally, if you lack the time to make one, you can always order a fabric wrapper online.


During the holidays, we all want to show our loved ones how much we care.

You can learn how to wrap a blanket as a gift that will make your friends and family feel special in just a few easy steps. We sincerely hope you have enjoyed learning how to wrap a blanket like a pro!

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