What Words Are Normally Pre-printed on Gift Tags? For Different Situation

What Words Are Normally Pre-printed on Gift Tags? For Different Situation

Maybe you are looking to have custom gift tags made and are at a loss for what to have written on them. Whatever the circumstance, we have you covered with regard to gift tag wording.

Please sit back and continue reading to learn about some fantastic pre-printed gift tag sayings for every occasion, including some unique ones.

What is a Pre-Printed Gift Tag?

Tags that go on gifts typically have a short word or phrase on them and then a “to and from” space where you put the recipient’s name and then your name as the gift giver. In addition to identifying the giver and reliever, the tag also exchanges a greeting of goodwill.

But occasionally, you might prefer to create or order a personalized gift tag. It will be easier to decide what to write on your creation if you are aware of what pre-printed gift tags typically say on them.

Where Do Pre-Printed Words Come From?

Ever pondered the origin of pre-printed expressions? Some are incredibly simple, and yes, some are just plain dull. Others, however, have a way with words that perfectly capture what you would have wanted to say.

Some people possess the ability to manipulate words and are born with the gift of gab. It’s fine if you’re not one of them. The best of them are available for you to borrow from.

A company that sells gift tags, such as Hallmark or Café Press, typically employs creative writing teams and individuals to write words for gift tabs and even cards. They could also be independent contractors who work as needed for gift tag designers. Finally, there are those who create their own DIY gift tags with unique sayings and sell them on websites like Etsy, eBay, or Amazon.

Types of Tags for Gifts

There are many different types of gift tags, ranging from those made by kids (or those that appear to be) to lovely DIY projects with Pinterest-caliber results and those produced by specialized print shops. And that’s good because there are many different kinds of gifts, from extremely expensive ones to those that only cost the maker time to create. For special occasions like Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, graduation, baby showers, wedding showers, engagements, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, get well, and baptism, gifts are appropriate. Even without any rhyme or reason, gifts are occasionally given.

Properly matching the gift you are giving to the tag you are adorning it with is not a bad idea. You probably won’t want to use a gift tag with tacky wording written in crayons if the gift you’re giving is a diamond ring. On the other end of the spectrum, the same thing holds true: you don’t want the gift to be overshadowed by the gift tag.

Additionally, you should ensure that the wording on the gift tag complements both the gift and the occasion for which it is being given. You wouldn’t want your tag to say something like “enjoy your day and your gift” to someone who just lost a loved one. The gift tag’s personalization conveys a lot.

What Words Are Normally Pre-printed on Gift Tags? For Different Situation

Examples of Pre-Printed Wording for Gift Tags

Most Common

With love

Wishing you the best, now and always

A gift for you

Thinking of you

You’re the best

Love always

Warm wishes


All the best

Most Creative

Enjoy the tea while love is brewing.

Memories of baking.

Everywhere you go, you shine. Shine bright.

Most Unique

Most delicious gift tag ever

You are sweet (and so is this gift tag)

You’re scent-national. Enjoy the candle

You light up my life and may this candle light up yours.


At least it’s not socks

Just act as though you enjoy it!

Regifted with love

Love you from the liquor store to the back. Enjoy the wine.

Yes, another mug for your mug.

My hat is off to you.


Friends are friends forever

Hugs and kisses forever and always

Thanks for leaving footprints on my heart


Live, love, laugh

Faith, hope, love

Together, we can do it!

You are the best YOU in the YOUniverse

Every moment matters

Special Occasions


Forever in my heart

Forever and always

I love us

When you know, you know

My love, my life


Here’s to many more moons with you

Wishing the two of you love and happiness, year after year


May blessings abound, now and always

Best wishes

Congratulations on your new life together

Perfectly paired.


You did it!

The effort paid off!

Watch out world

Congrats on graduating with the class

One class act

Reach for the stars

I knew you could do it


Happiest birthday to you

Here’s to another year

Celebrating you!

May the happiness in your birthday last all year long



Merry Christmas!

Merry and bright

Joy to the world

Seasons greetings to you and yours

Joy to the world

Felice Navidad

Christmas wishes

Take a look at what Santa brought you!


Happy Hanukkah

Happy Challah Days

New Years

Happy New Year

Let’s hope this year is the best one yet!


Giving thanks for you

Grateful, thankful, and blessed

You’re the cream of the crop

Gobble till you wobble

Thank You

Thank you – I couldn’t have done it without you

Thanks for being awesome

Just a token of my appreciation

Please accept my gratitude for your thoughtfulness.

I appreciate you for being who you are.


Welcoming the wee one

Congratulations on your brand-new bundle of joy


The two shall become one, congratulations

Wedding wishes


Warm wishes as you make your house a home

Congratulations on your new home

Home Sweet Home


Happy napping

No more tension, here’s to a pension

Wishing you the best

Happy retirement, you earned it

Get Well

Soup for the soul. Get well soon

Prayers for a speedy recovery


I’m so sorry for your loss

Gone but never forgotten

I’m here if you need me

I’m only a call away

You’re not alone

May your heart heal as you treasure the memories

Care And Concern

You are loved

I’ll be here for you as you do it, and you’ll get through this.

Close Note: Ideal Wording

One of those items that can go unnoticed but really shine when you give it some thought is gift tags. With the advice you’ve now received, it’s time to put the cherry on top by enhancing your gift with a gift tag that has the ideal wording to add that special touch and make the recipient smile and feel loved.

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