Can You Gift Games On PS5? How?

For any PlayStation aficionado, the PlayStation 5 is the ideal present. However, given the high demand for the console, purchasing one for your loved ones may prove to be more difficult than anticipated. You can still give games to your recipient whether they currently own a PS5 or are waiting to get one from a retailer. This enables people to begin playing right away as they receive their system or, if they already own a PS5, to immediately become engrossed in an epic story.

You can gift games on PS5, but how to gift them? Here are three different ways.

The Gift Cards Method

If you want to give a PS5 user a digital game, you must first buy a gift card. Once the recipient receives the code, they can redeem it on the PlayStation Network and use the funds to purchase whatever they want.

In addition to having different versions for other currencies depending on what you need, the gift cards come in variations ranging from $10 to $100 in terms of USD.

Lastly, you can buy PlayStation Plus membership cards too, which come in one month, three months, and 12-month variations. Despite the fact that the PS Plus cards don’t come with a game right away, they do offer two free games every month as long as you continue to be a subscriber.

Even if you go to independent merchants like Amazon, Sony no longer permits them to sell game codes for the PlayStation platform, so that cannot also be done. Therefore, whether you like it or not, digital gift cards are the only way to give PS5 games as digital gifts.

Buy Games With Your Account To Share With Your Friend Later

If you own a PS5, you can purchase the game and add it to your account to later share it with your friend. The game will be yours to keep, but your friend will also have complete access to it.

Remember that in order for your friend to download the games from your account to their computer, you’ll need to give them your login information; thus, performing this action on behalf of someone you don’t know well could pose a security risk.

Before sharing your account with anyone, we advise activating two-factor authentication because you’ll be sent a verification code to confirm each login attempt.

Alternately, if you and your gift recipient both have a PS5, you can sign in to their user and purchase the game using their credit card. On your PS5, just change the user and go to the PlayStation Store.

Try to complete this process a day or more prior to the anticipated gift-exchange date. Get your credit cards ready. Nothing wrong with buying the games ahead of time, but if they use their consoles every day, they’ll probably notice that brand-new, shiny game that’s been added to their library.

Physically Gifting A PS5 Game

When all else fails, go back to the fundamentals. You can simply buy a game from a physical store or order it online from a reputable retailer, then either give it to the recipient in person or send it to them via delivery, like FedEx.

It may seem like a very obvious solution, but there are only three ways left to give games as gifts on the PS5, as Sony has disabled every truly digital method that was previously possible. So, to recap:

  • Buy gift cards and send them.
  • Add the address of the gift recipient when placing an online order.
  • Purchase it directly and deliver it to them in person or by hand.

Once more, physical giving is only possible if the recipient owns the PlayStation 5’s disc-based model rather than the digital-only model.

The only way to give someone PS5 games if they have the digital-only PS5 is to give them gift cards; all other methods are ineffective. Therefore, be sure to verify that information first and then use the appropriate method of gifting in accordance.

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