Can I Use A Google Play Gift Card On Amazon?

You can spend Google Play credit on Amazon for shopping for in-apps by an Amazon product. But you can’t buy any physical items with this credit on These physical items encompass electronics, clothing, personal care items, books, etc.

Google Play And Amazon Credit

Google Play is a product of Google while Amazon is, well, a separate company run by Jeff Bezos. They’re two separate entities, as emphasized in this Google Play Help Forum answer.

The particular question in the forum enterprises is whether Amazon credit can be transferred to a Google Play store. The response goes that Google Play and Amazon are two different companies and their credits work else and outdoors of each other’s compass.

Notwithstanding the below question, the matter that lies before us has to do with the capability to spend at Amazon using Google Play balance.

Yes, you can use your Google Play balance for in-app purchases through an Amazon product. But no, you can’t use it to buy stuff at, thee-commerce point for all the regular physical particulars like books, clothes, electronics, etc.

Sounds confusing? Let’s clarify this for you.

Kindle is an e-book reader owned by Amazon. The Google Play Store has an app that may or may not allow Google Play credits to be used to buy e-books.

Anyway, you can download the Google Play Store app on your Amazon Kindle, download any apps from the Play store, and also use your Google Play credits to buy content for those apps, books, and similar.

Can You Transfer Google Play Credit To Amazon

You can spend your money on Amazon but only for buying apps on Amazon Kindle. You can spend this money only on in-app purchases( any subscription or content within an app).

For that purpose, you first need to redeem your gift card. Remember, this money is non-refundable.

Steps To Spend Google Play Credit On Amazon

Follow these steps to spend your Google Play credit/ money on Amazon.

Download the operation of Google Play Store on your particular Amazon Kindle.

Download any app on the Play Store whose content you want to buy.

After the app is downloaded, you can now use your credit to buy app content.

How To Redeem A Google Play Card

There are a few ways to redeem your Google Play card. The code is necessary to redeem your card. You can find the code on the reverse of the card. This code appears by scratching the gray strip.

You can buy cards from Amazon, Walmart, or any other retailer. You can use this card yourself or can give it to anyone.

Redeem A Google Play Card From Your Desktop

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Click “Redeem” which is on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Enter your law.
  • Click “Confirm” 

Redeem A Google Play Card On Your Phone

  • Open the app of Google Play Store on your Android Phone.
  • Click on three lines to open the menu. detect these three lines on the upper left hand of the website.
  • Now scroll down and click on “Redeem”. detect “Redeem” on the side of the menu.
  • Enter a law. Find this law written on the backside of the Google Play card.
  • Click on “Redeem”.
  • Click “Confirm” to redeem your money.

Redeem A Google Play Card when Purchasing

Proceed with the following way only when you have started to make a purchase.

  • Click on “G Pay”. Now select one of the Google payment styles available.
  • Click “Redeem law” 
  • detect the law on the reverse of your gift card. Enter that law.
  • Click “Redeem”.
  • Click “Confirm”.

Redeem A Google Play Card Through Dispatch And Google Play Website

Subscribe to your dispatch account which is in use for entering emails from the Google Play card. Now open your inbox.

Find the dispatch about the Google Play card. Also, open that dispatch and click on one of the ensuing options given in it. Or according to what you’re asked to do in the dispatch.


eGift center

Redirect link

As soon as it gets urged, provide your dispatch. It’s because it helps to corroborate that this card belongs to you.

  • Click “Redeem”. It’ll deflect you to the website of Google Play.
  • Click “Confirm”.

Can Amazon Gift Cards Convert To Google Play

Yes, you can do it by using online marketplaces. At online marketplaces, you can exchange gift cards with others. It’s a simple process. First, ask your friends on Facebook or other social media if they want to exchange gift cards with you. After that, you may also find its online market for swapping it.

At times, you may get a lower value for your gift card which depends on market demand.

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