How To Send Starbucks Gift Card Via Text in 2022?

If you appreciate Starbucks’ coffee and other items, you undoubtedly enjoy visiting your local Starbucks location to catch up with pals. But what about relatives and family who don’t live nearby?

How can you share the Starbucks experience with them, with all of the amazing coffees, food, and drinks? Here’s all you need to know about texting a Starbucks gift card to your loved ones.

What Is the Starbucks Gift Card?

Starbucks eGift Cards function similarly to actual gift cards in that they may be used to pay for any beverages, food, and product purchases made in Starbucks shops and online.

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Can You Text A Starbucks Gift Card In 2022?

From your Starbucks account or the Starbucks mobile app, you can SMS a Starbucks gift card to anybody. If they have an iPhone, it will appear in their messaging app as a gift card. They will also receive a URL connecting to the gift card online if they have an Android phone.

You may have more questions about how it works, how to redeem eGift Cards, if you can add money to a gift card, and so on. Here are all of the solutions!

How To Send Starbucks Gift Card Via Text in 2022?

Starbucks is constantly commended for its efficiency and outstanding coffee and food experiences in a nice and inviting environment. However, your friends may not always show up and enjoy this moment; that is why you may share by giving them eGift Cards for their favorite item.

This is notably easier than purchasing real cards. Of course, their functionality is the same, allowing for direct and online purchases of food, beverages, and items. With an iPhone, you can easily SMS a Starbucks eGift to family members, closest friends, or coworkers. So, how can you SMS a Starbucks gift card?

Create a free Starbucks Rewards account today! You may access the eGifts page after logging in. Gift cards featuring appealing photographs and text may be found here.

You may choose from a variety of themes, including anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, and other seasons.

After you’ve picked your cards, you’ll need to decide how much your Starbucks Card is worth. You can either enter a custom amount if it is more convenient for you, or you can simply begin with $10 for this experiment!

Remember to provide both parties’ contact information, as well as a private message if required. The transaction is then completed by checking out and paying using the Starbucks card.

The gift card will be mailed instantly, along with all of the photos and text you’ve selected. You will receive an email notice once your buddy has received and seen it.

Can You Send An eGift To Someone With An Android Using iMessage?

Starbucks eGift Cards are a meaningful and easy present that you can give to a wide range of family, friends, and coworkers. However, not all of them will own an iPhone.

If you give the gift card to someone who owns an Android phone, the gift card will not appear in their text messages. Instead, they will receive an online link to their gift card.

Can You Send A Starbucks Gift Card Via Email?

Yes, you may send a Starbucks gift card through email. If the recipient’s device does not support iOS 10, they will receive a URL with a link to the eGift. The card will not be seen in their SMS messages.

Can You Put Money On A Starbucks Gift Card?

It is conceivable if you have not yet mailed the gift card. On the contrary, you can’t bet on it. The best approach is to give the recipient another eGift card, to which you can freely add any amount of at least $10.

However, after your friends have linked your card to their Starbucks account, it is much easier to load money onto this gift card.

What Can I Do With A Starbucks Gift Card?

Starbucks eGift cards are more useful than you would think. It functions as a tangible gift card that may be used to purchase Starbucks beverages, food, or items. Furthermore, payments may be made online or in-store.



This is what we’ve discovered about texting an eGift card. Now that you’ve read our post, you should be able to answer all of your questions on how to send a Starbucks gift card through text message. What are you waiting for to tell your friends about your wonderful experience? Best wishes!

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