why my visa gift card being declined

Why Is My Visa Gift Card Being Declined?

Visa gift cards typically take the place of cash and debit/credit cards in the lives of most people. What happens, though, if a transaction on your Visa gift card is declined?

Bank accounts that are not subject to overdraft restrictions are linked to Visa gift cards. The purchase may be declined if it exceeds the available funds on the card. Or your card is not registered or activated.

Please read this article and try to determine the cause of the Visa gift card rejection.

What Is A Visa Gift Card?

Visa gift cards are similar to Visa prepaid debit cards in that they can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted. It can be given as a gift or used by you after being loaded with the desired balance once. Purchases can be made both in-person and online with Visa Gift Cards.

The amount you loaded onto Visa gift cards when you bought them determines how much you can spend with them. After the balance has been exhausted, you cannot reload or use it.

What Places Accept Visa Gift Cards?

Most Visa gift cards can be used in any location that accepts Visa, which includes millions of locations around the world. There are a few instances where this rule does not apply. For instance, some Visa gift cards cannot be used to pay recurring bills or at ATMs.

Furthermore, there are limitations on how many Visa gift cards can be used. For instance, some cards are only valid for use in the United States, whereas others are only valid online.

Here are some of the most popular places to use your Visa gift card:

Online Stores

Most online retailers that accept Visa payments accept Visa gift cards, so you can use them almost anywhere. Among them are well-known merchants like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and numerous others. When making an online or phone purchase, just enter your card information and expiration date.


Additionally, Visa gift cards can be used to make in-person purchases at any business that accepts Visa. This includes grocery stores, department stores, gas stations, and more. Simply present your Visa gift card to the cashier to complete the transaction.


Additionally, you can get cash from an ATM using your Visa gift card. To complete this transaction, you will need a PIN, though. In most cases, you can ask the issuing company for a PIN if you don’t already have one. There might also be a charge for this service.

It is always advisable to call ahead or check the merchant’s website before making a purchase if you are unsure whether your Visa gift card will be accepted at a specific location.

why my visa gift card being declined

Why Is My Visa Gift Card Being Declined?

Uncertain of the cause of your Visa Gift Card’s denial? We’ll outline all the potential reasons your Visa gift card might be rejected in this section, though. To find out how to resolve these issues and efficiently use your Visa Gift card, keep reading.

Using In An Invalid Place

Without a doubt, Visa gift cards are made to be used anywhere that accepts Visa cards. However, there are some places, including dining establishments, spas, salons, and gas stations., merchants have more control over the transaction system than banks.

In order to make sure the gift card has enough money on it to cover the gratuity, these establishments use outdated payment terminals that authorize transactions by charging 20% more than the total amount of the bill. Your Visa gift card will be declined if the amount exceeds the balance on the card. 

Request a 20% bill reduction or that the merchant only charges the amount of the actual bill before trying the transaction again. Additionally, you ought to be ready to make alternative payment arrangements.

Technical Issues

Your Visa gift card is being declined for a variety of reasons, including a technical problem. There could be various technical issues such as:

  • The merchant’s server is down: Your card might be declined if the shop where you’re trying to make a purchase is having technical issues.
  • The card reader is not working properly: Your card might not be read correctly and might be declined if the card reader isn’t working properly.
  • The card has expired: There is a validity period for all Visa gift cards. If your credit card has expired, it will no longer be accepted because it is invalid.
  • The card has been reported lost or stolen: Your Visa gift card will not work if it has been reported as stolen or lost.

Request that the cashier retries the transaction from the beginning and, if possible, use a different card reader.

Incorrectly Using The Card

Your Visa gift card being declined is most frequently due to improper use. When using a Visa gift card at checkout, you must enter it as a debit card payment method. The entry will be rejected if you make it appear to be a gift card.

If you use it as a debit card, you will be prompted for a PIN code. However, you won’t need to enter a PIN code if you use it as a credit card. This will be difficult because different Point of Sales Terminals has different gift card payment methods.

Get detailed instructions on how to use Visa gift cards properly at the Point on Sales terminals by asking employees or nearby cashiers.

Inactive Gift Card

Inactive cards are yet another factor in Visa gift card rejections. Before use, all cards issued by banks must be activated. For that, your Visa gift card needs to be activated before you can use it to make purchases. However, some Visa gift cards don’t need to be activated. As a result, when buying and loading your card, be sure to ask the cashier if it needs to be activated or not.

Call the customer service number for the prepaid card provider listed on the back of your card and follow the prompts to activate your card. You can also activate your Visa Gift Card by visiting the website.

Insufficient Balance

why my visa gift card being declined

There might not be enough money on the card to cover the purchase. If the amount due on the bill is greater than the balance remaining on your Visa Gift card, your payment will be declined. By calling the customer service number or visiting the website, you can check the balance on your card. Before using the card, you will need to add more funds if there is an insufficient balance.

If the gift card balance is insufficient to pay the entire bill, you can inform the cashier that you will make partial payments. You can pay a portion of the total bills in this manner using the funds on your current credit card, and the remaining balance can be paid with cash or a debit card.

Ineligible Purchase

You trying to use the card for an unauthorized purchase is another factor that led to the decline. Many cards, for instance, prohibit the purchase of alcohol and tobacco. Some cards also have limitations on how they can be used (for instance, you might not be able to book a hotel room with the card, for example).

To find out if there are any limitations on the purchases you are making, you can try calling the customer service number on the back of the card.

Suspicious Activity

If there has been suspicious activity on your card, it may not be accepted. Several unsuccessful card attempts or unusually high purchase amounts are a couple of examples of this. Or it may be due to using the gift card at an unusual location or consecutively

You must speak with customer service to solve the problem if your card has been marked for suspicious activity.


How Is A Gift Card From Visa Unblocked?

To unlock the card, speak with your bank. On most cards, the customer service number is located on the back. Choose the most appropriate option to handle credit card issues if you call and get an automated response service.

How Will I Know When My Visa Gift Card Is Ready To Use?

Many Visa Gift cards are already activated and ready to use when purchased. If yours needs activation, however, you will typically see a sticker with instructions and a toll-free phone number.

How Long Does A Visa Gift Card Take To Activate?

The gift card should be usable once you’ve activated it. The gift card may not be usable for up to 24 to 48 hours after activation, according to some instances I’ve seen where the issuing company of gift cards imposes a waiting period after purchase.

Possibility Of Hacking Visa Gift Cards

She claims that con artists occasionally remove the gummy or silver security strips (and purchase replacement strips online) or remotely hack into the card system. In both cases, the thieves are watching for you to use the card. “As soon as that happens, they’re able to ping it and drain that card,” Stokes said.

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