How Much for a Graduation Gift: Moddle School, High School, College

How Much For A Graduation Gift: Middle School, High School, College

Numerous levels of graduation occur at the conclusion of spring and the start of summer. Money is a typical gift for graduates, whether the graduate is a middle school, high school, or college student in your life. It is debatable, though, exactly how much you ought to give.

Middle School Gifts

It’s not common for middle school graduations to receive the same amount of publicity as high school or college graduations. However, some students are starting to send out announcements informing friends and family that they are moving on to the next stage of their education. In that case, it makes sense for parents and grandparents to present a gift in order to recognize the achievement.

Great! advises avoiding giving cash to middle school graduates in favor of movie passes, spa gift cards, gift certificates, or spirit wear.

If you’re giving cash, $10 to $30 is a suitable range.

High School Gifts

For Friends And Acquaintances – $10-$20.

For casual friends and acquaintances, you don’t know well, a gift might not even be expected.

But if you want to be kind and donate some money, a small sum of between $10 and $20 is totally acceptable. If you can, include a nice card as well.

For Children Of Family Friends- $20-$50.

These are individuals with whom you have a closer relationship and whom you have probably known for a long time. Graduation gifts of $20 to $50 should be given to children of family friends.

For Relatives- $50-$100.

Possibly a sibling or perhaps a niece or nephew. You deserve more money because you are related. You can give a family member anywhere from $50 to $100.

For Children (From Parents)- $100-$300.

The largest cash gift for high school graduation should come from the parent or possibly the grandparents if it is your own child.

This could cost anywhere from $100 to $300. It will be helpful to them as they begin a new chapter in their lives, and it shows the graduate that you care.

College Graduation Gifts

Since graduating from college is a big deal, many people ponder whether a larger monetary gift is necessary. According to Bright Hub, the typical college graduation gift is between $100 and $500. Generally, a parent should pay between $50 and $100 for a 2- to a 4-year degree, and about $100 for each additional degree for advanced degrees. Access to Culture breaks this down for grandparents and siblings:

  • Grandparents, aunts, and other close relatives.: $50
  • Close friend: $25
  • Acquaintance or co-worker: $20

Other Factors To Consider

Before you present a graduation gift, you might want to consider a few other things. Gifts are nice, but you shouldn’t think about giving one to someone if you’re having trouble paying your bills or don’t have any extra money to spare.

How Many People Are Graduating That Year And Your Budget

Many people might not think to think about this and later wish they had. Most high schools and colleges celebrate graduation in May and June.

You might start giving the first graduate cash gifts before you realize that you also know three other people who are graduating that month.

Make a list of everyone graduating this year before you give any money away. Then consider each person’s quantity and your level of familiarity with them.

If there are only two graduates that you know well, for instance, you might choose to give them money rather than sending acquaintances anything more than a nice card. Before writing checks, be aware of your spending limits and decide how much you want to spend on each individual.

Are You Invited To A Graduation Party?

Your decision to give a gift may be influenced by this. Usually, if you go to a graduation party, you should bring a gift.

Although it is expected, it need not be extensive. It might be a book or a card with $10. Even a present from something you already own at home, such as a candle or coffee mug, could be brought if it’s in good condition.

Check the invitation as well to see if any mention of gifts is made there. In case of uncertainty, you could also inquire about the host’s expectations. However, keep in mind that even if they say no gifts are required, others may still bring something.

Conclusion: Depends On Personal Circumstances

There are some things to think about when giving graduation presents, but it also depends on your own circumstances.

Giving a graduation gift involves a lot of thought. How much money you should donate and whether you should give any money at all depend on a variety of factors.

Above all else, keep in mind to consider your own spending plan. Use that as your guide rather than any advice you may receive from others.

Depending on their own circumstances, etiquette, and how well they know the graduate, each person must decide how much to give. Supporting the graduate in this new phase of life is what matters most, whether it be through financial support, a thoughtful card, or simply by being present for their graduation.

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