how to check amazon gift card balance without redeeming

How To Check The Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming It?

Among the most appreciated gifts, you might receive are Amazon gift cards. It demonstrates someone’s appreciation for you and gives you the freedom to accept any gift you’d like as long as it falls within a certain budget. You have a gift from a friend that contains an Amazon gift card. How can you check the balance of an Amazon gift card without using it?

You can enter the Gift card code into the box to check the balance of an Amazon gift card and then click the “Check” button to obtain the balance amount. Additionally, you can use the GC to buy items and check the balance.

In keeping with that, you can learn how to check the balance of an Amazon gift card without using it right now.

How To Check The Amazon Gift Card Balance On Your Desktop?

  1. Click on Account & Lists in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  2. Click Gift Cards underneath the Account heading.
  3. At the top of your screen, the balance of your gift card is visible.

How To Check The Amazon Gift Card Balance On The Mobile App?

If you’re using the Android or iPhone app, these steps are the same for both.

If you are on the Amazon app on your mobile then you have the chance to check your gift card balance from your mobile:

  • Stage 1: For this, you have to update your Amazon app to the latest then after login, just go to the ‘Your Account’ section. By tapping on the three-line icon in the left menu bar, you can access the option.
  • Stage 2: Go to the bottom of the page and tap the gift card option from the list of available items. The option to add a balance is available to you. Once you tap on it, you will be prompted to enter the gift card claim code.
  • Stage 3: Your gift card balance will be displayed to you in the following window after you enter your claim code there. For that to be added to your account, you must now confirm the message.

If you decide not to cancel, the task cannot be undone once it has been used.

how to check amazon gift card balance without redeeming

Can You Transfer The Balance On The Friend’s Gift Card To Their Account?

Your gift card balance cannot be transferred to another Amazon customer through this feature.

Only new books and items purchased from Amazon websites may be used with your gift card. You have the option to send a gift card to a friend online using an Amazon eGift card.

By purchasing a new one with your prepaid card, you can send the gift card to your friend’s email address.

How Do I Determine If My Amazon Gift Card Has Been Redeemed?

If there isn’t much time left on an old gift card’s validity and you’re unsure of its value, you can add it to your Amazon account. Tomorrow, check to see if the gift card has been used on Amazon.

Instead of checking the balance and keeping the gift card in your pocket once more when it is about to expire the following day, it is preferable to use it.

You need to use a prepaid debit or credit card to purchase a new gift card. Your remaining gift card balance cannot be used to purchase an Amazon gift card.

If your gift card is about to expire, simply go to and add the gift card to your balance. It is best to use the money before the expiration date, which will be visible once you have added it to the balance.

Is It Possible To Use G.C. On Website?

If you buy a gift card on to give as a gift, you and your friends must use that same gift card amount to buy anything.

The gift card cannot be used to make purchases from or other Amazon websites if you send an eGift card to someone who accesses those websites from a different country.

As a result, the management of gift cards and other account credits is entirely different between Amazon US and Amazon Canada.

The gift card can still be added to your account even if you are unable to use it. Even though you are currently on, you can still open in your browser and log in using the same login information.

Now you must use the same procedure to add a gift card to your gift card balance in order to give that sum to someone else who resides in that nation. This prevents the expiration or non-use of your card.

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