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How To Get Mystery Gift BDSP? Guide

The Mystery Gift option is not immediately available in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. You must play the game for a number of hours in order to receive the Mystery Gift. You can learn how to obtain Mystery Gifts in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) for the Nintendo Switch by reading the information below.

How Do I Open A Mystery Gift In BDSP?

Mystery Gift is not immediately available to you in BDSP. Return to Jubilife City after receiving your first gym badge in Oreburgh City. You first encounter Team Galactic there.

Head over to the Jubilife TV Station after defeating them by combining forces with Dawn and Lucas. There is a sizable screen on the tall building.

On the third-floor talk to the male NPC and select the option “EVERYONE HAPPY WI-FI-CONNECTION”. After that, users should be able to choose the Mystery Gift option from the Main Menu.

Alternately, after defeating the Veilstone City Gym, the Mystery Gift menu option will become available.

How To Use Mystery Gift In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl?

For many years, a unique feature in Pokemon video games has been the Mystery Gift. The option used to only be available in the opening menu of the game, but now it is available in the main menu.

  1. Connect your Nintendo Switch to the Internet
  2. In Pokemon BDSP, open the main menu with X
  3. Choose Mystery Gift (after unlocking it)
  4. Choose Get via Internet for special events, like Manaphy
  5. Choose Get with Code/Password if you have a Mystery Gift Code
how to get mystery gift

You can go to Mystery Gift to get exclusive rewards. You have two options for receiving your rewards: online or using a code. In-game items like Poke Balls or potions are frequent rewards. However, occasionally Mystery Gifts are used to distribute unique promotional Pokemon.

How Do I Get Mysterious Gifts?

Via Internet Or Via Code

You have the option to choose between getting a mystery gift online or entering a code or password when you choose the Mystery Gift option from the menu.

Limited Time Only

Mystery Gifts can be unique items or Pokemon that are free to receive and download for a brief time. You won’t be able to get these things or Pokemon after the event’s time period is over unless another player who took part in the event is willing to trade them to you.

By choosing Check Mystery Gifts, you can see the Mystery Gifts you’ve received.

One Mystery Gift Per Save Data

Per save data, a Mystery Gift is only available once. You can receive the same Mystery Gift only once on each game if you own one copy of Brilliant Diamond and one copy of Shining Pearl.

List Of Mystery Gift Pokemon In BDSP

Only Manaphy has been made available thus far through the Mystery Gift, and only until a specific date. As more Pokemon become accessible through Mystery Gifts, this guide will be updated.

  • Shaymin
  • Manaphy
  • Darkrai


A special item can be received during the distribution period called the “Member Card” by choosing Access the Mystery Gift menu online. information.


Shaymin will be accessible in the Pokemon BDSP on February 27, 2022, Pokemon Day. Even if the distribution period has passed, you can still obtain the item and keep it until you’re prepared to capture Shaymin. To get Oak’s letter, select Receive via the Internet.


Through the Via the Internet selection in Mystery Gift, you can get a Manaphy Egg. You better move quickly because The Egg will only be accessible until February 21, 2022. For this unique Mystery Gift to be delivered to you, a reliable internet connection is required.

To start the game, you must walk a certain distance. The amount of time it takes to hatch will be cut in half if you have a Pokemon with the Flame Body ability in your party.

How To Get Manaphy?

The Manahpy Egg should come first. For a brief period, as was already mentioned, this is tied to the Mystery Gift feature; after February 21, 2022, you won’t be able to download the Manaphy Egg.

Open the Mystery Gift option from your menu once it has been unlocked.

Choose “Get via Internet” and then select “Manaphy Egg Gift” on the next screen.

The egg will then be moved to your Pokemon collection boxes. It’s important to note that Manahpy is shiny-locked, which prevents you from hatching a shiny version.

You can talk to him again after selecting one of the other options to continue receiving stickers.

How To Get Phione?

Walk around until it hatches after placing the Manaphy Egg in your party. After that, which is the easy part, you need to have a Ditto and have arrived in Solaceon Town, which is much farther into the game.

Manaphy and Ditto can be placed in the Pokemon Nursery in Solaceon Town, where you can later discover they have an egg. Put the egg in your group, walk around until it hatches, and presto! You’ll get Phione!

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