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How To Close A Gift Bag With 4 Ways

Deliver printed gift bags that are presented nicely since unwrapping a gift is half of the enjoyment. We are here to show you how to close a gift bag that will appear precisely like those you find at high end shops, whether you are producing event goodie bags, corporate staff presents, or simply searching for how to shut gift bags for a family birthday gift! There’s no need to spend hours producing a ‘rustic’ appearing tissue paper finish, meticulously curling ribbons, or purchasing additional embellishments when you can easily create sleek and fashionable gift bags that exude luxury.

How to Close Gift Bags to Keep the Contents Hidden

If you don’t want any nosy recipients looking through the bag before they’re allowed to open it, here’s a simple trick you’ll wish you’d known years ago. Take the end of the ribbon or rope handle from the inside of the bag and thread it carefully through the holes on the opposite side of the bag. Although this is a little fiddly at first, you’ll soon get the hang of it and be able to repeat on the other side. This method will result in a neat and tidy seal across the top of the bag, ideal for carrying around and increasing suspense!

How to Close a Gift Bag with the Strings

People who don’t want to wrap gifts the usual way but yet want the thrill of unwrapping a wrapped gift will be pleased to learn that there is a hack to do this. A TikTok video recently went popular when someone demonstrated that it is not only conceivable, but also simple to shut a present bag with its strings.

While many individuals thought this strategy was eye-opening and transformed the way we looked at gift bags, others didn’t. To determine whether you like the procedure, shut your present bag in three simple steps:

  • Pull the strings on the bag inwards, making the inside ends of the strings longer and the string on the outer edge tighter.
  • Pull the strings through the holes on the opposite side. The string’s edge in your left hand, for example, will pass through the hole and end up in your right hand. Repeat for the second trim.
  • As you tighten the outer string, the bag will close.
  • That is all. You used the strings to seal your gift bag. Despite the fact that this method produces a closed gift bag, it has been criticized by a number of people. They believed that this method produced a perplexing opening.

That’s all. You’ve used the strings to close your gift bag. Although this method produces a closed gift bag, it has been criticized by some. They felt that this method resulted in a perplexing opening process that detracted from the excitement of receiving the gift. So I guess the only thing we can do is give it a shot.

How to Close a Gift Bag with the Ribbons or Strings 

If you tried this approach and didn’t like it, another alternative is to tie the present bag threads together with attractive ribbons or string. It is simple for someone to unwrap the present since they only need to tug on the ribbon or thread to separate the handles.

Choosing a wonderful ribbon or string that matches the present bag is a great way to make your gift bag stand out and be more beautiful. You may also make customised ribbons to give your presents that that personal touch.

If you’ve tried both of these approaches and still don’t think they’re interesting enough, you may try some more ideas for more spectacular gift wrapping.

How To Close A Gift Bag Without Tape

There are a few alternatives to using tape to shut a gift bag. A stapler is one option. A paper clip is another option.

Supplies: -Gift bag -Tape

  • Turn the present bag so that the opening is facing down.
  • Fold the bag’s top down two or three times until it is flush with the bag.
  • Tuck the flaps on the sides 

If the present bag is small enough, just fold over the top and clip it close with a paper clip.

If the present bag is too large to fold over, seal the top with tape.

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Given the importance of presentation in gifts and goodie bags, knowing how to close gift bags can assist you in making that all-important first impression. Now that you know how to close a gift bag, consider whether your gift bags could be improved. At The Printed Bag Shop, we have a large selection of custom printed bags for all occasions, all of which can be personalized with your own design.

Because of their luxurious appearance and glossy finish, laminated paper bags are a popular choice for events and high-end businesses. Your bags can be customized in terms of size, color, design, and finish, allowing you to reach those who matter with eye-catching artwork and next-level branding. Printed cotton bags are more durable and can even be washed if you prefer to deliver gifts in more environmentally friendly bags that can be reused over and over. Offering thoughtful gift bags has never been easier with complete control over the appearance of your bag design.

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