How to Activate Your Spiritual Gifts?

How to Activate Your Spiritual Gifts?

Your spiritual gifts must be empowered in order to be used. Learn how you can work in harmony with the Holy Spirit to use your gifts for the good of others by operating them in love.

What Are Spiritual Gifts?

To carry out his work, God has selected individuals. For reasons that only he knows and understands, he made this decision. Humans might question whether this was the right choice. Considering all that God was capable of, the possibilities are endless. He could have spoken to lost humanity through angels. In the Scripture, He undoubtedly made use of them on numerous significant occasions. Or God could have created a special category of messengers that would never fail him—a “sin-proof” instrument that would faithfully proclaim his Word. For that matter, God himself could have simply poked his face through the heavens and said, “I’m God, and you’re not, hello world!” But God has appointed both men and women to carry out his work among humans.

We must make use of everything Jesus Christ has provided for us as we seek to follow and serve him. The gifts of the Spirit are one of the greatest blessings Jesus has bestowed upon his church and upon each of us individually.

Activating Your Spiritual Gifts by Faith

It’s like receiving one HUGE gift that has nine smaller gifts inside when you receive the Holy Spirit in its entirety. Even though that is oversimplifying, you get the idea. To be more specific, the single large gift contains all nine smaller gifts.

You only need to open (exercise) each of the nine gifts you have to begin using your spiritual gifts.

Each time you begin to use a spiritual gift, you are opening a gift, and Jesus is eagerly awaiting your decision to accept ALL of them through faith. So straightforward, in fact!

Tragically, some believers only use one or two of their gifts when they could be using all of them. They only choose one or two, or the ones they find to be the simplest or least contentious, and refuse to have faith in the other ones.

The decision is made not to use the gifts, which would allow them to live a more contented and fruitful life and improve the lives of others.

At a great cost—His death on the cross—Jesus has made all the gifts of the Holy Spirit freely available to us. So let’s accept and use them by faith to carry out His works in love and bless others.

How to Activate Your Spiritual Gifts?

We Must Be True to Our Calling

To carry out the work of Jesus and advance the Kingdom of God, we are ALL called to use the nine gifts of the Spirit.

We read in Scripture, “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves” (James 1:22).

Each of us needs to ask ourselves, “Do I take action and carry out my part?”

Scripture says, “Brother, how are you doing now? Each of you has a psalm, a teaching, a tongue, a revelation, and an interpretation whenever you get together. Let all things be done for edification” (1 (Emphasis added.) Corinthians 14:26

By using your spiritual gifts and making Jesus’ works visible as God intended, you will cause signs to follow you and cause people to become aware of and drawn to Jesus.

People will turn around and become spiritually alive after realizing that they have been going in the wrong direction. And you will observe the growth of God’s Kingdom.

Do I Have More Than One Spiritual Gift?

If you’re a Christian, you have divinely given talents, and we’ll show you how to use them to inspire and heal the church and the wider community. Many Christians are aware that God has given them something unique.

You have a hunger to serve the Lord, even though you may not understand what it is. You feel that attending church is not sufficient and that you should be doing more. You desire to be used by God in the advancement of His Kingdom. Don’t lose hope; God will guide you in the right direction. “They will be satiated if they hunger and thirst for righteousness.” Matthew 5:6.

The Word of God

The Bible is a light to our path and a lamp to our feet. It is crucial to realize that spiritual gifts result from a close relationship with the Lord (Psalm 119:105). Everything we will do in life and ministry will be built on it.

If you want to use your spiritual gifts, it’s crucial to know the Bible. Our center of gravity is the Bible. If God commands you to say or do something, it must always be in accordance with the written word.

In our lives, we need to grow in the Fruit of the Spirit. That is kindness, temperance, joy, peace, patience, meekness, and faith. To bring honor to his name, he will enhance the talents and skills he has given you.

The world needs to be studied, remembered, and given time to ingrain itself in your being. Spend daily time in prayer; this is most important. When you speak after that, people will know you have spent time with God. 2Timothy 2:15.


Don’t feel pressured to do something just because it seems, on the surface, to be the perfect thing for your gifts. Keep in mind that your gifts can be used in a variety of ways. If a task isn’t making you happy, look for an opportunity that will. A task that makes you happy is a good indication that you’ve discovered your skill and fit. Joy is a great indicator of what your gift may be.

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