how to get cash from a vanilla visa gift card

How To Get Cash From A Visa Gift Card?

Prepaid gift cards from Visa are available for use on any special occasion. These cards are a nice exchange for any occasion, including holidays, weddings, and birthdays. Do you want to know if you can cash in your gift card cash? Generally speaking, the response is no. Gift cards from Visa or Mastercard cannot be used to withdraw cash, but you can look into the other options below to see which one best suits your needs. Please continue reading if you want to learn more about Visa gift cards.

Can I Get Cash Back On A Visa Gift Card?

The short answer is probably not if you have a Visa gift card and are wondering if you can withdraw cash from it. The distinction between a Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card and a Visa Gift Card must first be made, though, in order for me to fully respond to the query.

Both forms of plastic may seem identical because they both feature the Visa logo and have a set amount of money preloaded on them. Both now have a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in order to be swiped as “debit” transactions on Point of Sale (POS) terminals, thanks to a new law that became effective in 2013.

The only cards that can be used to withdraw money from an ATM or receive “cash back” from a retailer are prepaid cards, despite the fact that the two cards are similar. Check the terms and conditions printed on the back of your gift card to be sure.

How Do I Change My Visa Gift Card Into Cash?

The techniques I’ve provided below are comparatively simple. Some are easier to understand than others. Some of them even permit you to deposit your balance straight into your bank account, from which you can withdraw cash.

Sell It To A Gift Card Exchange Website

The simplest way to turn your gift cards into actual cash is to use a gift card exchange website, like Gift Card Granny or CardCash. Selling your gift card only requires that you visit their website.

Numerous gift cards, including Visa gift cards, are accepted by Gift Card Granny and CardCash. Visa gift cards are a convenient way to exchange for cash. The best part is that they provide cashback of up to 90% throughout the entire procedure.

You must first choose an offer. After selecting a Visa gift card with the proper balance, you can submit it and proceed with the verification process.

You can receive payment once this is finished. Comparing the more expensive rates of gift card kiosks to this online method, you can make more money. Due to the cyclical nature of offers, not all Visa gift cards may be compatible.

Add Your Visa Gift Card To Your Paypal Wallet

I advise trying PayPal if you don’t want to spend money on fees. You can transfer gift card funds into PayPal after creating an account on the website and connecting your bank account.

If you select the standard transfer option, there are no fees associated with the transfer and it typically takes five business days. But keep an eye on it, as some transfer techniques can cost you up to 3% of your balance.

Sell Your Card To Friends And Family

Before you even consider the hassle of mailing your card in the hopes of receiving some money in return, you should consider selling it to those who are close to you. Your loved ones might be interested in purchasing that gift card from you, but you’ll need to convince them to do so. They can purchase a gift card from a vendor if they want one, so the incentive for them to buy from you will probably be a lower price.

Buying And Reselling Items Off Your Gift Card

You must have an entrepreneurial spirit to choose this option. It necessitates inspecting the items being sold at a discount to make sure you’ll make money when you resell them. To ensure that the buyer is willing to pay more than the card’s face value, you could also keep an eye out for products that are in high demand.

Add It To Your Venmo Account

You can utilize the mobile app Venmo just like PayPal. If you want to transfer the balance on your gift card straight to your bank account, this online payment option, which enables you to add gift card balances, is preferable.

To create an account, add your gift card, and link directly to your personal bank, simply follow the on-screen instructions. Even though the transfer is completely free unless you select the instant transfer option, it does take one to three business days to process.

how to get cash from a vanilla visa gift card

There is a chance that Venmo will reject your gift card. It might occur for a variety of reasons, including fraud prevention.

Buy Other Merchant’s Gift Cards

Occasionally purchasing a new gift card from a retailer you frequently visit and love is the simplest way to convert your generic Visa gift card. If you can find a gift card sale, your gift card will go further.

On some gift card offers, you can save 20% or more. As a result, a $100 gift card would cost you only $80.

Deals on gift cards are frequently available at By combining your Prime membership with these Prime money-saving tips, you can double or triple the benefits you receive as a member.

Use A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

A trusted way to convert Visa gift cards to cash is to use a kiosk that exchanges gift cards. In some grocery stores, you can find machines that resemble casino slots in color and sound. These machines are typically yellow and have these sounds.

You must enter the card details, including the number and expiration dates, into the system. The option to accept a cash-back offer is then presented to you.

The voucher must be printed after acceptance and brought to a nearby cashier. Usually, that’s all that’s required to use this method of getting money. Ask for help if you’re having problems using card swipes.

Pay Your Bills With Your Gift Card

Here is an intriguing strategy you could use. You still use the card in the same manner even though you may not be exchanging it for bundles of cash. You can pay your bills with a Visa gift card as long as there is money on the card.

The back of Visa gift cards typically has the card number, expiration date, and security code of a debit card. The primary distinction is that the cards are not linked to bank accounts, but rather have a predetermined amount of money preprogrammed onto them.

This makes using a Visa gift card to pay your bills directly simple, something you can’t do with pretty much any other gift card. Decide to use your Visa gift card in its place to pay any upcoming phone or water bills.

Purchase A Money Order With Your Gift Card

Although you must have your bank or another specific institution issue the money order, it functions very similarly to a check. The good news is that money orders are now issued at Walmart and a few grocery stores’ customer service departments.

Depending on the specific money order issuer, you might be able to pay for your money order with a Visa gift card. This is the same as using your debit card to purchase a money order.

Buy Items To Flip

Even though it requires a little more work, this method is still an effective one. To make it simple to buy goods to sell, you use your Visa gift card just like a credit card.

To determine what goods would be wise to buy and then sell for profit, you’ll need to do some research. The emphasis should be on selling popular items. Being forced to keep a lot of things that you can’t sell is the last thing you want.


You are not obligated to use Visa gift cards as payment, even if you have one. There are methods available if you need more flexibility and want to turn it into cash. The better option, if you really want cash instead of a gift card, is to sell the gift card, but there are fewer secure ways to do that now. Finding a way to use the entire value of the gift card yourself is preferable.

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