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How To Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon? You May Want to Know

If Amazon had its way, everyone would use Amazon gift cards. And, while an Amazon gift card is a wonderful present, a Visa gift card is much better – in fact, a Visa gift card outperforms cash. Why? Because you can’t use an Amazon card to buy pizza, petrol, or movie tickets, and you can’t use cash to shop on Amazon or other online stores.

To use a Visa gift card on Amazon, you must effectively deceive the site into believing you are merely adding another credit or debit card to your account, rather than utilizing the gift card at all.

So, before you add the card’s amount to your account, check sure the Visa is operational.

Also, you cannot divide purchases between a gift card put onto your account and another payment method, so buy with caution and keep your balance in mind. Alternatively, see the hack at the conclusion of this article.

How Do I Use My Amazon Visa Gift Card?

Method 1: 

  1. Open the Amazon homepage and select ‘Your Account’ from the dropdown menu.
  2. Scroll down to Amazon Pay and choose ‘Add Gift Card to Balance.’
  3. The customer will be given two options: add a gift card or add money to your gift card. Click Add Money to Balance and input the Visa gift card amount.
  4. The visitor is sent to the Payment Method page. To add a card, scroll down to ‘More Ways to Pay.’ Add and change the gift card’s exact information, such as name, card number, and expiration date.
  5. When prompted for an address, the user must enter their own, as the gift card is not geographically restricted.
  6. The gift card will be accepted as a payment option just like any other standard debit/credit card. So, the next time consumers go shopping, they may pay with their gift card.
Amazon Visa Gift Card

Method 2: 

  1. Go to the ‘Reload Your Balance’ page on Amazon.
  2. In the custom amount box, enter the amount on your Visa gift card (see arrow in image below).
  3. Selecting a gift card balance to load Sign in to your account during checkout; if you’re already logged in to your Amazon account, you can skip this step.
  4. In Step 2 ‘Choose a payment method,’ click ‘Add a credit or debit card’ in the payment methods box; you will then be brought to a ‘Add a credit or debit card’ prompt.
  5. Enter your gift card information in the sections provided and click ‘Add your card’; if you’re unclear which name is on the card, there is a phone number on the back of the gift card that you may contact to confirm the information. You may just input your name for Gift Card Granny issued Visa and Mastercard gift cards.
  6. Choose your newly added gift card as the payment method. Confirm that the payment method you’ve chosen is the gift card you’ve just added. There is a phone number on the back of your gift card that you may contact to reference the billing address. 
  7. Note: For Visa and Mastercard gift cards provided by Gift Card Granny, you can use your regular Amazon account billing or shipping address.
  8. Review the amount you want to load to your Amazon gift card balance and then click ‘Place your order’ when you’re finished!
Amazon Visa Gift Card

Restrictions on Prepaid Cards lets you use prepaid cards for the majority of purchases, but certain restrictions apply.

The following restrictions apply to prepaid Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards:

  • They can’t be combined with credit cards on a single order.
  • doesn’t support entering the three-digit CVV code normally found on the back of some cards. If the code is required by the issuing bank, payments may not process successfully.


  • Some banks may require registration of prepaid cards by name and billing address.
  • There’s a $1 authorization at the time of order to make sure that the payment method is valid. This authorization isn’t a charge, but banks may hold the authorized funds as unavailable until the authorization expires.


If a customer wants to bypass this headache and immediately access the gift card on Amazon, they can utilize a different way of purchasing an Amazon gift card or code from the Visa gift card balance. However, the first approach is preferable since an Amazon gift card can only be used at Amazon, whereas a Visa gift card may be used at both Amazon and other physical retailers.

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