how to transfer visa gift cards to bank account

How To Transfer A Visa Gift Card To A Bank Account? 11 Methods

If you’re anything like me, you receive several Visa gift cards every year, usually around the holidays. I occasionally prefer not to use them for shopping, though. How convenient would it be if you could transfer the remaining balance on your Visa gift card or vanilla gift card to the bank? That would effectively make gift cards the ideal present.

However, moving money from one location to another isn’t as simple as moving money from a Visa gift card to your bank account. The good news is that you have a number of options, some of which will only cost you a few minutes of your time. I ask that you carefully read this article.

Pay Your Bills With Your Visa Gift Card

Have you ever considered using a Visa gift card rather than actual cash to pay those bills? Even though it’s so straightforward, some people find it strange to do this. The most effective way to get cash from a Visa gift card is by using this method, even though it may not directly convert gift cards into cash in hand.

By using a Visa gift card to pay your bills, you can get cash from it!

Your natural inclination is to use your regular credit card or cash to pay your bills when they are due. Since the electronic banking system replaced the trading of cocoa beans, this is what our ancestors have taught us.

The typical adult pays their bills first, then allocates the remaining funds according to their budget. You might be left with a few extra dollars and your gleaming Visa gift card after paying for your utilities, and other expenses, and setting money aside for groceries and other costs.

Then you are compelled to wander around in search of a random retail store to spend your Visa gift card. Then, to fully deplete the card’s value, you make unnecessary overspending.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards With Your Visa Gift Card

Using a Visa gift card to purchase other gift cards at a lower cost is another clever way to turn it into cash.

You can buy a gift card specifically for a retail store or service you frequently use with your Visa gift card. Using a gift card at this establishment is the same as using actual money because it is a regular stop for you.

The majority of establishments do, however, accept Visa gift cards. Since it can be used similarly to a regular Visa card, with the exception of recurring payments, which is understandable, it is also somewhat flexible.

By using your Visa gift card to pay for one of your regular expenses, you have already converted your gift card into cash. What if you take it a step further and search online for gift card deals at a lower cost?

If you purchase a Walmart or Amazon gift card that is on a promotionally discounted value, using your You would receive the discounted amount on a Visa gift card in cash.

Promotional discounts on gift cards occasionally reach 20% of their value. You have thus not only mastered the art of turning Visa gift cards into cash but also made money on top of it by using your Visa gift card to purchase another merchant’s gift card with a discounted value.

Add Visa Gift Card To Your Paypal Wallet

You probably have a PayPal account already. If so, all you have to do is link your gift card to your PayPal wallet. Following that, you can either transfer the money to your linked bank account or use the gift card to pay for your PayPal purchases.

Transfer Visa Gift Card Balance To Cash App

how to transfer visa gift cards to bank account

Invest in Bitcoin and stocks with the well-known financial app Cash App, which also allows you to send money to friends and family. Additionally, you can use it to add our Visa gift card to the app.

But first, how do you create a Cash App account? Here’s how:

  1. Download the Cash App
  2. Launch it
  3. Enter your phone number or an email address
  4. Enter the secret code via text or email
  5. Choose a unique $Cashtag
  6. Enter your zip code

To add a gift card to Cash App:

  1. Open Cash App
  2. Tap on the profile icon in the top right corner
  3. Tap on “Linked Banks” or “Add Bank”
  4. Tap on “Link Bank”
  5. Enter your debit card number
  6. Enter your card’s expiration date
  7. Enter CVV
  8. Enter ZIP code

Transferring the gift card balance to your Cash App balance should be possible. After that, you can transfer money to your bank account or use the app to make in-person or online purchases.

Add Visa Gift Card To Venmo

If you’ve never heard of Venmo, it’s a well-known mobile payment platform that belongs to PayPal. We can use it to transfer the remaining balance on our Visa gift card to the associated bank account.

In addition to Visa gift cards, Venmo supports network-branded (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) debit, credit, and prepaid cards that are registered in your name.

To open a Venmo account:

  1. Download the Venmo app
  2. Open it
  3. Choose a personal or a business account
  4. Tap on “Sign Up”
  5. Enter your phone number
  6. Enter the code you got
  7. Add your first and last name
  8. Choose a username
  9. Enter your email and create a password
  10. Check the box
  11. Agree to terms and conditions
  12. Sync phone or Facebook contacts, or skip
  13. Set your payment visibility to private

We can add our gift card to Venmo now that we have an account. Currently, Venmo or the card issuer may reject some cards. For either the availability of funds or the prevention of fraud, there are two possible justifications.

To add your gift card, or a debit or credit card:

  1. Open the Venmo app
  2. Tap on the profile icon in the lower right corner
  3. Tap on the Settings button (Gear icon)
  4. Tap on “Payment Methods”
  5. Tap “Card”
  6. Enter the card number, expiration date, CVV
  7. Add your ZIP code
  8. Tap “Add”

You now have the option to transfer money from the gift card to your bank account using Venmo. Use the same procedures outlined above to add a debit card or bank account to Venmo.

how to transfer visa gift cards to bank account

Sell Visa Gift Cards Through A Website Or An App

We have a number of options for selling our unused gift cards for money.

You can buy and sell gift cards on CardCash, a somewhat well-known gift card marketplace.

Here’s how to trade a Visa gift card for cash:

  1. Go to CardCash
  2. Enter the merchant’s name
  3. Enter the balance on your gift card
  4. Click “GET OFFER”
  5. You can optionally add another card by entering the information and clicking “ADD CARD”
  6. If you agree to the deal, click Continue
  7. Enter your gift card number and PIN
  8. Click “Connect with PayPal”
  9. Log in to your PayPal account
  10. Fill in the required fields
  11. Click “Get my PayPal balance”

It’s a simple process that only requires one business day to complete. It can, however, be quite expensive.

You must pay at least 10% of the value of the gift card! Additionally, different businesses charge different rates and fees for gift card exchange. You have the option of receiving payment via check, ACH deposit, or PayPal.

Trade It In At A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

A big box retailer or your local mall may have had an ATM-like device. Did you know that you could use it to sell your gift cards for cash?

To see the offer, simply swipe your gift card. The fees are high, and you might not like the deal the exchange machine offers you, just like with websites that buy gift cards.

Sell Your Gift Card

You can convert gift cards into cash using many different websites and apps. Gift cards of any kind, including Visa gift cards, can be used to get cash through specialized websites and mobile applications like Card Cash and Gift Card Granny.

With Card Cash and Gift Card Granny, you can buy or sell gift cards under special promotions and below the face value of the card.

Buy A Money Order

A money order is a payment order for a predetermined amount that is bought with a secure form of payment, like a Visa gift card. One excellent way to turn Visa gift cards into cash is by purchasing money orders.

Money orders are still relatively uncommon, despite being an option at some large retailers like Walmart and some supermarkets. As a result, it’s crucial to confirm that you can use it as a method.

If a vendor has set up the money order procedure, you can use your Visa gift card to make a purchase and deposit the money into a bank account afterward.

Given that it is frowned upon by many financial institutions when used improperly, this option to convert Visa gift cards into cash must be used with a certain amount of caution. If in doubt, speak with your banker or financial advisor before moving forward with multiple transactions.

how to transfer visa gift cards to bank account

Buy Items For Resale

A great way to turn Visa gift cards into cash is to buy things and then sell them. Even though the concept seems straightforward, it might be your best chance to earn more money than the card’s face value.

You can either use your Visa gift cards to fuel a business venture or just try to break even with a simple direct conversion of Visa gift cards into cash. You may buy things with your Visa funds and then sell them for a modest profit or at face value.

This is a very straightforward way to withdraw money from a Visa gift card, regardless of how you decide to carry out your buy/sell project.

Re-gift Your Visa Gift Cards

As straightforward as they come, this idea is. Giving a Visa gift card as a gift by itself will allow you to make purchases with it.

Giving gifts is a social requirement and a practice as common as breathing. There isn’t a way to avoid it. Gift buying is occasionally necessary, even for those who are extremely frugal and financially savvy.

We all need to make occasional financial sacrifices in order to give someone a gift for their birthday or wedding if we want to live in peace on the planet.

Keep your Visa gift card and give it as a gift whenever it’s most convenient to do so to get around the system and transfer the funds to your bank account. The cash you were going to use to purchase the gift can now be placed directly in your pocket.

Final Thoughts

Transferring money from your Visa gift cards to your bank account is reasonably simple. Here are some amazing methods for turning that Visa gift card into real money that you can put in your wallet or bank account. You can send money from your gift card to your bank account by connecting it to PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App. This is the most affordable way to convert gift cards to cash.

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