Does Amazon Gift Card Expire?

One of the easiest services to use online is Amazon because it functions as a one-stop shop. The availability of gift cards makes Amazon even more accessible.

Therefore, does the Amazon Gift Card expire? Gift cards from Amazon do not lose their value because of passing time. But after a long period of inactivity, Amazon gift cards expire.

Amazon Gift Card

A prepaid card called an Amazon gift card can be used to buy goods from the Amazon website. Purchases are applied to the balance of the card until it is exhausted. The card’s cash value is loaded into the cardholder’s Amazon account. Although gift cards never expire, they might incur fees if not used for a while.

How Long Is An Amazon Gift Card Valid For

Gift cards from Amazon are thoughtful and useful presents that let recipients make their own gift selections. However, you might have pondered the duration of a gift card’s validity and whether or not gift cards expire.

The good news is that any Amazon gift card purchased in the US after October 1, 2005, has no expiration date and can always be used for any purchases.

Balances from before October 1, 2005, are also credited to the recipient’s account and may be used for payment in some US states, including CA, CT, LA, ME, MD, MA, MT, NH, ND, OK, RI, VT, and WA.

Customers outside of the US should consult their local Amazon customer service or website to find out when their gift cards expire.


Does Amazon Gift Card Expire If Not Redeemed

The short answer is no, Amazon Gift Cards never expire, even if they aren’t used or activated. The balance of the Amazon Gift Card can be redeemed at any time on the Amazon platform, added to your Amazon balance, and used whenever you’d like to make purchases from the Amazon store.

To reduce the likelihood that the Amazon Gift Card will be stolen or lost, you should use the card right away. When you redeem an Amazon Gift Card, the funds are added to your platform account and are then available for use at checkout to pay for purchases made on the Amazon Store.

How Can You Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card

An Amazon gift card may be an online gift card or a real, physical card purchased at a store.

By adding the value of either type of card to your personal Amazon account online or through the app, you can activate or redeem it.

Using a card to make a purchase and redeeming a card are two different things.

Instead, you are making the card active and adding the card’s balance to your Amazon account so that it will be available the next time you need to make a purchase.

Start by logging into your Amazon account before activating or using your gift card. Either the Amazon mobile app or the internet are options for this.

Click on Your Payments after navigating to the Payments section of the menu by scrolling down. Continue to scroll down to Amazon Gift Card and select Redeem a Gift Card.

The amount of the card will be added to your account after you enter the gift card number and PIN in the box. Then, you can use it to pay for Amazon purchases.

How To Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

On The Amazon Website

  • Access your account by logging in, then select Accounts from the Accounts and Lists menu.
  • Click on Gift Cards under Accounts. This will direct you to a page that lists all of your gift cards. 
  • On top, a display of the total balance that is available will appear.

In The Amazon Mobile App

Log into your account and select “Profile” from the Amazon mobile app.

You can scroll down to Gift Cards under Profile and view your balance there.

Can You Cash Out An Amazon Gift Card

Sadly, Amazon gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash. They are paid to Amazon directly, unlike cash cards, and can only be used to purchase things from Amazon. They are not redeemable for money and cannot be transferred to another store.

The only way to get money for an Amazon gift card is to sell it to a private individual; however, even if you sell the gift card using an online marketplace like eBay, there are service charges that will reduce the amount you can earn.

Can You Return An Amazon Gift Card

Once purchased, Amazon gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged for cash. If you have already redeemed your gift card and care to un-redeem it, only Once you’ve redeemed the funds, Amazon customer service can access your account to finish this process.

Remember that an Amazon associate will typically only perform this action in order to transfer the funds from your gift card to another one of your accounts.

They frequently un-redeem the funds and transfer them directly into another account on your behalf. This doesn’t really give you a way to get the money back on a card so you can sell it or give it to someone else.

While there may be exceptional circumstances that allow a gift card to be returned for cash, this is extremely unlikely and should not be relied upon when purchasing an Amazon gift card. Returning gift cards is against Amazon’s policy.


Practical gifts are always appreciated, and Amazon gift cards fit the bill. The best ones are Amazon gift cards purchased after October. 1, 2005 never expires and can be used any time.

By charging the appropriate amount to your Amazon account, gift cards can be redeemed or activated. Additionally, they work at the cash register.

If you’re uncertain about when your Amazon gift card will expire, keep in mind that there is no time limit on how long you can use the card if it doesn’t have an expiration date. 

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