What Wedding Gift Is Considered Bad Luck

What Wedding Gift Is Considered Bad Luck?

What’s the significance of those customs and superstitions associated with weddings that date back to the dawn of time? Marriage is a celebration of love, joy, and the future. You should probably stay away from these unlucky gifts unless you despise the couple whose wedding you are attending. This article includes a list of wedding gifts you shouldn’t purchase.


According to folklore, knives signify a broken relationship, and giving them as a wedding present can bring all sorts of bad juju. Unless they’re really nice knives, of course.


Everyone is aware that it is unlucky to open an umbrella inside, but Wonderopolis asserts that giving them as a gift is also unlucky. The couple’s bad luck is that rain on your wedding day is regarded as good fortune. Therefore, it may be necessary for everyone to accept getting wet.


There are many superstitions about how to present money to a couple, even though money is actually a great gift to give and receive (in almost any situation).

For example, according to Wedding Traditions, a money envelope for the Chinese wedding should have a gold embossed symbol for double happiness and be given and received with both hands.

The giver of the gift is expected to put it in the same envelope they received the wedding invitation in at Thai Buddhist weddings.


The Chinese word for “give a clock” has the same pronunciation as “attend a father’s funeral,” according to WikiHow.” Giving a clock as a wedding gift essentially means expressing your desire to attend the happy couple’s funeral. That hardly sounds like a well-wish. 

What Wedding Gift Is Considered Bad Luck


Most people are aware that breaking a mirror heralds seven years of bad fortune, which is why giving one as a wedding gift is extremely unlucky.

Most likely, the idea that the reflection of another person’s face in a mirror is a soul projection is where the myth of breaking a mirror originated. So breaking a mirror meant risking injury to your soul. 

A Single Rose

Giving one rose in Italy is equivalent to wishing the recipient death. 


Unless you’re a young couple, everyone needs a good pair of scissors. Scissors are not a good gift, just like giving knives is not.


A handkerchief is primarily thought to be used for wiping tears in Thailand. Giving one implies that you want the couple to break down in tears. It’s probably not the best gift, even if you’re hoping for happy tears.


Even though they have become one of the most prized in bridal bouquets, in some cultures these flowers represent shame, which is the last thing one wants on her wedding day.

Yellow Roses

During the Victorian era, a book that assigned flowers different meanings, called The Language of Flowers, led people to view these sunny flowers as something that causes the green-eyed monster in a relationship.


In some cultures, the gift of perfume could symbolize the desire to attract a suitor. While your single friends may find that to be wonderful, a new couple may not necessarily be interested in attracting a third party to the relationship.

A great way to let someone know they smell bad is with perfume. It’s probably best to steer clear of this one altogether. 


According to the Long Island Wedding forum, a common superstition holds that if you buy a man’s shoes, he will walk out of your life or walk all over you. No one wants a marriage like that, I’m sure.

Empty Wallets

Discovered a fantastic his and hers wallet set for the couple? Before you seal it, you better throw some cash in there. According to superstition, giving empty wallets as gifts can wreck the couple’s finances.


It’s so annoying to have odd numbers when you break a wine glass. And as Learn Thai with MOD explains, According to Thai superstition, breaking glass signifies the end of a romantic relationship.


According to Borneo Post, giving a suitcase allegedly invites the recipients to up and leave… not while on a honeymoon.


Money will flow from the recipient of a fountain gift just like water does from a fountain. The Feng Shui principles underlie everything.

A Gift You Received

Regifting is never cool, especially if you are doing it to a new couple. Regifting, according to Feng Shui Diva, is essentially “giving away your friendship with the person who gave you the gift.”

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