Can You Gift a Kindle Book? Of Course!

Wondering how to gift a Kindle e-book to anyone else? E-books make great gifts for humans who love to read, and are additionally handy to gift since you can buy and send them from the alleviation of your home. But if you’re asking yourself “how do I gift a Kindle book?” then don’t worry—I’ll tell you how to gift a kindle book to your friend.

Reasons To Gift A Kindle Book To Everyone

Avoid The Holiday Shopping Madness

Want to get all your vacation shopping done before the December mode descends? Amazon allows you to select a delivery date for your Kindle book gift. So you can buy e-books for your whole family in July, and while everyone else is running around in December like their heads are on fire, you can put your bases up and feel trim.

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With Deals Of The Day

Still, you can do so then, if you’re not formerly linked up for Book Riot’s Book Deals newsletter. You’ll also find them published daily on the website. We’re talking Kindle books for$ 2 –$ 3 a pop, friends. You can buy your best five books for$ 10. They’ll love you forever.

Because Kindle Books Are So Easy To Exchange

Occasionally you think a person will love a book, and they just don’t. Or, as happens to me all the time, they do love it, but formerly enjoy it. Sure, it’s possible to exchange a book for another at the bookstore, but how numerous people actually do so? The reality is it’s a whole lot easier to exchange an e-book. However, your friend can exchange it for an Amazon gift card and buy the book they want, If the book you picked is just not their jam.

Because Sometimes It’s The Only Option

Some books don’t live in print. This is especially true in certain stripes — love and fantasy, for the case. There are some truly awful books out there that only get published digitally. However, you( and everyone you gift a Kindle book to) might be missing out, if you’re limiting yourself to only buying paper books.

E-Books Make Excellent Budget-Friendly Gifts

I love independent bookstores. I owned a small business for seven years, and I recognize how difficult it is to make a go of it. But we stay in the actual world and most of us don’t have countless quantities of cash. E-books are regularly less expensive than their print counterparts. If you’re buying gifts on a budget, Kindle books are your friend.

How To Gift a New Kindle Book

Go to and search for the title of the book that you wish to gift. Enter the name of the book in the hunt bar at the top of the page.

On the purchasing runner of the book, head over to the right part of the runner. under the buy now button, you’ll see an option to buy the book for others. Click on the “ Buy for Others ” button.

Now, on the coming page, simply fill in the “ philanthropist dispatch address “. This will be the email address of the person entering the gift from you. Enter your email address, and a quick gladdening note! Once you’re done, simply click on the “ Place your order ” button to gift the book. It’s as simple as that!

How To Gift a Kindle Book That You Own

Gift Kindle Book From Manage Device Page

You can gift a copy of the kindle book that you enjoy by navigating to your manage device page. Still, this method has a catch, which makes it fairly unpopular among kindle enthusiasts.

Visit on your web cyber surfer and log into your account.

Use the top-right drop-down menu to navigate to the “ your account ” section.

Visit the “ Manage Content and bias ” page and scroll to the title you want to gift.

Click the ellipses. The three dots will open up a list of options. Opt for “ buy a gift ” and enter philanthropist details.

With the steps outlined, we can address the catch. The reason this method isn’t too famous is that you’re not gifting your e-book; you’re gifting a copy of it.

And whilst copies of digital archives can be given away barring obligatory charges, Amazon makes you pay for gifting a reproduction of the e-book you already own. To provide away a replica you’ve already paid for barring paying once more, you have to manipulate gifting outside the Amazon ecosystem.

Gift Kindle Books That You Own Using Third-Party Software

Since Amazon’s ecosystem allows free lending but charges for ending a copy, utmost e-book enduing happens with third-party software. There are numerous options for digital file-sharing but the ones ideal for Kindle gifting must fulfill two conditions.

The program must rip files outside the Amazon ecosystem – generally done by automatically locating the downloads despite Amazon making the file paths hard to navigate.

The software must convert files for universal use – This step makes files easier to read despite having broken Amazon terms.

Gift Your Kindle Device With Your Books

Gifting a Kindle e-book feels a little empty because, in spite of the digital acceleration since COVID, we haven’t fully internalized the non-physical objects as viable gifts.

Even when you buy a DRM-compliant copy of an e-book, it feels like the gift is simply a file. It might feel like an actual gift, but no longer as real as a bodily book. 

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