How to Wrap a Circular Gift

How To Wrap A Circular Gift: An Extensive Guide

We are approaching the time of year when people exchange gifts, and the way you wrap them can have just as much significance as the gift itself. After all, if you’re anything like me, then you’ll agree that there aren’t many things more thrilling and satisfying than discovering perfectly wrapped and coordinated gifts under the Christmas tree. As a result, giving gifts to your loved ones can be both enjoyable and excruciatingly painful, especially if the presents have no corners or edges.

We’re here to give you the best advice on how to wrap a circular gift, so don’t worry if you’re worried about an awkwardly shaped item. We’re going to demonstrate to you that you can accomplish more than simply tossing that football, a bottle of champagne, or a biscuit tin into a fancy bag or box. But if things get too complicated, this is my backup strategy!

To help you wrap those more challenging gifts in time for the Christmas rush, we’ve put together the straightforward step-by-step instructions below.

6 Steps On How To Wrap A Circular Gift

Gather & Prepare The Things Needed

Gathering and getting ready the supplies you will need for the wrapping task is the first step in wrapping presents. You’ll need wrapping paper, double-sided tape, ribbons, scissors, and gift toppers.

To make it simpler for you to form pleats and prevent unintentional tearing when it comes to gift wrappers, choose thick and sturdy papers. Furthermore, especially if it’s your first time, you’ll need to have a ton of patience when it comes to gift-wrapping circular items.

Place Your Gift In The Center Of Your Wrapping Paper

Obtain the wrapping paper and place the gift in the center after gathering all the necessary items. You can adjust the gifts and get the ideal cutting width by placing the gift in the middle of the wrapping paper. Additionally, centering the gift would make it simpler to fold the sides of the gift wrap.

Fold The Sides Of The Wrapping Paper

Place the circular items on the wrapping paper, then begin to wrap them by squeezing across the gift to pull the long side of the paper into a fold. Make certain that there is enough paper to extend to the center of your circular gift. Depending on how big the circular object is, you can fold it in small or large ways.

Pull Up & Tape The Bottom Flap

Hold the side flaps up very high and against the center after folding all the remaining sides. Once you press the bottom flap up against the entire gift at once, you will notice that there will be a crease at the bottom. Avoid using double-sided tape because a small piece of adhesive tape will hold it in place just as well.

Repeat The Process On The Other Side

Take the other curved side of the circular gift after wrapping the first curved side, and repeat holding, folding, and taping.

As opposed to other gifts, spherical gifts have round edges, so anticipate that the corners will be wrinkled. Trim the necessary areas, then gradually pull out the crease on the corners to make it look neat.

Tie Or Tape The Excess Paper For A Secure Finish

Before attaching the gift tag, you must finish the wrapping process by securing the finish with ribbon or tape. Place a tiny piece of tape or ribbon on the flat sides, close to all the creases. Continue wrapping the gift on the opposite side.

How to Wrap a Circular Gift

Other Methods You Can Try

The Twist Method

For a cylindrical gift, the twist method is simple, but it also works with circular objects because it is similar to the tissue paper method in that regard.

Wrapping paper or tissue paper should be spread out, rolled up to the top edge, and finished with tape or glue.

Once the wrapping paper is in place, deal with both sides by twisting each end separately, then tie a ribbon around it to finish.

The Outer Box

A gift-wrapped item fosters a more positive attitude toward owning the present, according to a marketing professor at SMU in Dallas.

Make sure to measure the item to make sure it will fit in the box before purchasing one. If it is a little loose, you can add packing materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts to secure it. Put the gift in the box, then cover it with the sheet of your choice. A ribbon or bow will work well if you want to go the extra mile.

The Pleat Method

Because you have to deal with one edge at a time, the pleat technique works well with cylindrical gifts. Roll the gift into a cylinder, lay it flat on your preferred wrapping paper, and tape it shut.

To ensure that you conceal the gift, fold the edge in a pleated fashion. Repeat it on the opposite end, then use the adhesive band to fasten both sides.

The Tissue Paper Method

Tissue paper can be used to wrap your circle-shaped gift if you don’t like wrapping papers or boxes. Measure the object from all sides after obtaining the tissue paper.

Before pulling the tissue paper on top, make sure the object is completely covered. To add a finishing touch to your gift, tie a bow using ribbon.

The Gift Bag Method

The gift bag technique allows you to avoid measuring, folding, and wrapping if you received the presents at the last minute. The benefit of the gift bag is that any gift shape can be put inside because it fits snugly. Simply check to see if the item will fit in the bag and if the bag design fits the theme.

The Folding Method

You can, in fact, fold your paper over a circular gift. Simply place it in the paper’s center, keeping in mind that the longer sides should be in front and behind it. It should be on either side of the shorter sides.

Tape the product in place after folding the longer sides over it. Check to see if they are overlapping and that there are no gaps. Making triangular embellishments on the gift’s ends and pulling it down so that it is flush with the object will complete it. All of it should be taped down.

5 Steps On How To Wrap A Cylindrical Gift

Cut Your Paper

Make sure there is enough room for the bottle to be completely wrapped in the wrap, and leave an extra 16 cm at the top.

Measure The Size

When you roll and secure the paper, make sure the bottle is positioned this far from the edge by measuring the base of your bottle from edge to center. To eliminate tape lines, use double-sided tape.

Use Folding Method

Make your way around the base of the bottle using a tight folding and pleating technique, then tuck all the paper into the center. However, because it will stand upright on its base, you don’t always need to use double-sided tape to secure it.

Make Fold

Make two straightforward folds to bring the paper to a blunt point at the opposite end (top) of the bottle.


Fold the end over so that it can stick directly down onto the cylinder of the bottle’s body by creasing the bottle at the top. Tie a ribbon around to decorate after securing it with a small piece of double-sided tape.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure you choose a high-quality wrap with a bold pattern and the ability to capture attention. A plain-looking gift is disliked by everyone.
  • So that your circular gift sits right if you’re choosing to use a gift bag, place some tissue paper in the bag before positioning the present in there. This will keep it firmly in place.
  • When doing pleats, foil wrapping is not a good option.
  • When choosing ribbons, take into account the specifics of the wrapping paper so it complements.

Close Note: Keep Trying

Gift wrapping can bring back pleasant memories and improve our mood, but how can you wrap a circular gift without getting frustrated?

Circle object wrapping is difficult, especially for beginners. Fortunately, we wrote an extensive guide to assist you in wrapping circular objects.

Happy wrapping!


How Do You Cover Rounded Corners With Fabric Wrappers?

You can use a bow or a ribbon to wrap the fabric around rounded corners. However, you can skip that step because fabric makes a lovely fold that looks great with rounded objects. To make it more attractive, just make sure to carefully fold the corners.

How Do You Wrap Spherical Presents?

The sphere is supported by a triangle of foil, which is then wrapped around and just past the opposite pole of the sphere. The blue petals in the figure below indicate the areas of the foil that actually make direct contact with the sphere, giving you an idea of how this appears.

How Do You Wrap A Cube-Shaped Object?

One should overlap the other as you press each of those triangular sides into the cube’s front center. Put some tape on these flaps and attach them to the cube’s front. Fold the bottom flap, which now also resembles a triangle, upwards toward the cube’s front center, and secure it with a single piece of tape in the middle.

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