how to wrap round gift

How to Wrap a Round Gift? Step-By-Step

The simplest boxes to wrap are squared-shape and rectangular ones; wrapping round gifts can be challenging but is not always impossible. Our team will show you how to wrap a round gift because it can be tricky to wrap a gift with circular edges because the wrapping style adds impressions to the gift.

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The Twist-wrapping Method

Twist-wrapping might be the ideal method if your gift is a ball, for instance.

  1. Simply place the object in the middle of your piece of wrapping paper (making sure there’s plenty of excesses)
  2. In order to bend the paper up and over the object, grab the paper’s long side and pull it towards you.
  3. Let the excess paper fall to the sides as you approach the center.
  4. Secure the top with a ribbon, gathering all excess paper together.

The Folding Method

You can, believe it or not, fold your paper over a rounded gift.

  1. Just center it on the page as you did before, making sure the longer sides are in front and behind. The sides that are shorter should be on either side.
  2. Put some tape on the product after folding the longer sides over it. Check to see if they are overlapping and that there are no gaps.
  3. Create triangular embellishments on the gift’s ends, then pull it down so that it is flush with the object to complete the look.
  4. Tape everything down.

The Outer Box Method

A gift-wrapped item fosters a more positive attitude toward owning the present, according to a marketing professor at SMU in Dallas.

Measure the item to make sure it will fit in the box before purchasing one; if it is a little loose, you can add bubble wrap or packing peanuts. After placing the gift inside the box, cover it with the sheet of your choice. Add a ribbon or bow if you want to go the extra mile.

how to wrap round gift

The Pleat Method

Since you have to deal with one edge at a time, the pleat technique works well with cylindrical gifts. Lay the sheet flat on the wrapping paper of your choice, roll the cylinder gift, and tape it shut.

To ensure that the gift is concealed, fold the edge in a pleated fashion. Then, repeat the process on the other end and use the adhesive band to fasten both sides.

The Gift Bag Method

The gift bag technique allows you to avoid measuring, folding, and wrapping if you received the presents at the last minute. The benefit of the gift bag is that any gift shape can be put inside because it fits snugly. Make sure the item will fit inside the bag and that the bag’s design fits the theme.

Extra Tips for Wrapping Round Gifts

  • Use a gift bag instead of tissue paper or wrapping paper when you are wrapping delicate round gifts because they may get damaged.
  • To prevent the lids of filled jars from being accidentally opened, seal them on the curve side with clear tape or cling wrap.
  • Use the candy wrapper fold to seal the contents when enclosing bowls.
  • When doing pleats, foil wrapping is not a good option.
  • Consider the specifics of the wrapping paper when choosing the ribbons to ensure a good match.

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