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7 Creative Ways to Wrap a Book for a Gift

Who doesn’t want to give and receive books? Books are the best gifts, whether it’s a hand-me-down novel you know your buddy would enjoy or one of the most recent bestsellers at the top of their wishlist.

And, as we all know, a well-wrapped gift can give an extra touch of charm to any gift, even books.

Books are generally easy to wrap because of their basic and uniform shape. As a result, jazzing up your packaging and adding a creative and distinctive touch is much easier. To get you started, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite unusual ways to wrap a book.

Make it Stand Out

I enjoy simplicity, but it is often necessary to add a little pizzazz and flair. There are several methods to accomplish this, but one of my favorites is to use tissue paper to overlay complementing colors.

Tissue paper’s translucent nature provides a stunningly soft and translucent touch to a gift-wrapped book. To add the perfect festive finishing touches, use contrasting fabric ribbons or brightly colored twine.

The texture is important.

Fu suggests choosing handmade papers, which are higher quality and come in a wider range of textures, to make the unwrapping process more tactile and intriguing. According to Fu, there is another opportunity to utilize your wrapping to allude to the book’s content: “If you are presenting an Italian cookbook, you may use Italian marbleized paper.” Beautiful bark paper can be used to cover a work of fiction set in Mexico.” If paper isn’t your thing, she suggests adding texture to your wrapping by covering your book in fabric, maybe in the traditional Japanese form known as furoshiki, if you’re presenting it to someone who is very environmentally aware.

Give an Indication of What’s Inside

You may even play on the book’s genre by adding motifs from it into the wrapping. If you’re wrapping a cookbook, for example, you may choose wrapping paper with a cooking theme. You may also include a gift tag shaped like a pot pie or a salad dish.

If you’re giving a book set in a tropical paradise, you may include palm trees or a beach scene in your wrapping.

Another wonderful approach to incorporate the contents of a book into its packaging is to place a printout or photocopy of the first paragraph on the exterior of the package. You might stick it to the page directly or mount it on some thick, complementary paper.

Pack and cushion it for a safe journey.

If you’re sending your present via mail, you’ll need to take a few extra precautions to guarantee that it reaches safely and in perfect condition. To avoid your gift from sliding around in its shipping container, the giving experts at Hallmark advised cushioning it with newspaper, cloth, or even fragrant sachets in a blog post earlier this year—and topping the padding with some confetti would add another festive touch.

Choose a Box

Present boxes elevate the status of any gift, and books are no exception.

A box is an excellent way to gift a rare or valuable book, or a book that is remarkable for whatever reason. They’re also a good choice if you’re wrapping many books in the same box since the consistent shape makes it simpler to produce crisp, clear fold lines and keep everything appearing nice and tidy. A present box also keeps the recipient guessing until the very last minute!

Insert an Ornament

Tieing an adorable holiday ornament to your gift wrapped book might give a special finishing touch to an already nicely wrapped package. The ornament you select might be a basic Christmas scene, such as a snowman or a Christmas tree, or it could be related to the book you are giving.

Wrap a Book

Secure it for posting

If you intend to ship your gift-wrapped book, make sure to include lots of additional protection to prevent it from being damaged in transportation.

You may still wrap the book elegantly, including any extras such as ribbons, gift tags, or decorations, but be sure to protect it with many layers of bubble wrap, fabric, or newspaper.

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