Can Realtors Accept Gifts From Clients?

If your realtor bought them a gift, you might want to thank them. So, are our client gifts permitted for realtors to accept?

Realtors are allowed to accept gifts from clients, but it’s preferable to give them a good review and recommend that they speak with someone else instead. Gourmet baskets, cards, wine, collectibles, flowers, and other items are examples of suitable presents. However, if it’s cash or of a high value, the client should give the realtor the money indirectly through the broker.

Rules On Gifts For Realtors

Gifts from clients are accepted by realtors. Although it rarely occurs, there is no law that forbids it. It makes sense that the majority of realtors hardly ever receive gifts. In most cases, clients are focused on moving into a new apartment that they forget about the realtor. After the house is sold, there are a number of bills that need to be paid. The realtor is fully compensated for their efforts because they also get a commission from the sale.

Nothing prevents you from giving your realtor a gift if you value their efforts, though. Your realtor will, however, value positive feedback and recommendations over cash if there is anything. Realtors can continue operating in this way. Referrals can make your realtor happy, whether giving them five stars on their business page or informing a friend about them. Therefore, if you’re considering expressing your gratitude to your realtor, the first thing you should do is leave them a positive review. In that case, you can also recommend them if you know someone who is looking for a home.

What Kind Of Gifts Can You Give To Your Realtor

If you are still considering giving your realtor a gift, nothing will stop you. You can give your realtor many different kinds of presents. Here are some ideas:

Gourmet Basket

Your realtor might appreciate receiving a basket filled with edible items. It is reasonably priced and shows a lot of thought. Realtors are constantly on the go for most of the day as they show houses to one client and another. It might be challenging for them to eat regularly while working as a result. An edible assortment of items, including nuts, cheese, candies, baked goods, fruit, cookies, and more, are typically included in a gourmet gift basket. Your realtor will have something to munch on while traveling with that gift. At least for a while.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always excellent presents. Gift cards are preferable to cash as a gift when you are unsure of what to buy someone. If you learned more about the realtor’s interests while you were looking for a home. To their favorite hangouts, such as cafes, restaurants, gas stations, shops, department stores, etc., you can send a gift card or certificate.


It doesn’t hurt to buy your realtor a bottle of wine as compensation for their troubles if they drink. Wine makes a considerate present and won’t set you back much money. When you visit your neighborhood winery, you can choose from a variety of options. If you’re not a fan of wine, you can ask the waitstaff for recommendations; they can help you choose. Verify that your real estate agent drinks alcohol before you accept it if you are.


Engraved Items

Additionally, you can purchase personalized gifts for your realtor, such as jewelry with engravings. It’s not necessary for the item to be significant; any small personal gift may be engraved. You could engrave coffee mugs, desk clocks, candle sets, and other items as gifts. The gift is improved by being personalized. If you want to customize it, you can include a thank-you note to express your gratitude.


If your real estate agent has interests or hobbies in that field, you can buy them collectible items. It might be a painting, a sculpture, a collection of playing cards, or a novelty object. Obtaining it on their behalf will be appreciated, provided that it’s something they’re interested in. It demonstrated that you were attentive during your communication with them.


Realtors frequently get gifts like this from their customers. There are many options for flowers, which makes them a consistently good gift. You can order anything, including seasonal bouquets and exotic plants. It’s best to send flowers to your realtor the same day that you order them if you’re giving them as a gift.

Annual Gift

Giving your realtor a yearly gift is another option. It might be something tiny like a card. The only thing that matters is the fact that you give them each year. What the real estate agent will value most is the gift’s consistency.

What Is The Best Way To Thank Your Realtor

Hello, FIRST NAME Thank you for showing me around your lovely home. I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I hope your efforts to sell it are a success. If you are interested in working with a reputable real estate company in the future, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us.

Can Realtors Give Clients Gifts 

Realtors are permitted to present gifts to their clients after assisting them in closing on a home. One of the best ways to keep the client and get a positive review is by doing this. Make sure your client’s gifts are personalized when giving them. Here, any gift idea a client might have for a realtor is acceptable. To avoid outdoing yourself, be careful with whatever you choose to purchase.

A long-lasting relationship with your clients can be forged by giving them gifts. But you also need to exercise caution. Paying clients for referrals might be against the law. As a result, any gift you give shouldn’t be in exchange. It ought to be a gift of appreciation.

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