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Do You Take A Gift To An Engagement Party: What To Take?

You are aware that you are required to bring a gift when you are invited to a bridal shower. The same principle applies if you receive an engagement invitation: you will look at the couple’s registry and send something because that is customary. But what about an engagement party? Should you take a gift? Here, we will tell you what to consider if you should take a gift to an engagement party.

What To Consider

The Formality Of The Event

If your friend just got engaged and texted you about impromptu celebratory drinks at a local bar the next weekend, you probably don’t need to come bearing gifts.

Don’t worry about bringing a toaster oven to drinks; instead, send a congratulations gift like a bottle of champagne or even a nice card. The invite is casual, so the party will be too.

If an engagement party is giving off more formal vibes, and you know the couples’ parents will be greeting guests at the door—either consider asking around to see what other close friends and family members are thinking of doing, or go ahead and bite the bullet and bring something with you.

Who’s Hosting

If the venue is laid-back and the party isn’t officially being hosted at someone’s house or by someone, in particular, that’s another sign the party will be relatively low-key—and that you’ll probably be paying for your own meal or drinks. 

Engagement Party

If Your Budget Allows

On a tight budget? Take some pressure off yourself and know you aren’t obligated to bring a gift, even if it is a formal event—especially if you’re pretty sure you’ll be invited to the shower and wedding.

If you hate showing up to events empty-handed, consider either dividing your gift budget to accommodate something for each wedding event.

Save your money instead to give the couple a single, nice wedding gift. Remember, the main thing they want you to give them is your heartfelt congratulations, and for you to share in their happiness.

A thoughtful, handwritten card always does the trick without breaking the bank.

Whether Or Not You Can Make It To The Wedding

If you already know you can’t attend the nuptials, but still want to show your love and best wishes for the couple, their engagement party is a great time for gift giving.

Check the couple’s wedding website to see if they have registered for gifts before bringing a large box of wine glasses to the event. If they do have a registry, it’ll make the process infinitely easier for both of you.

If They Ask You Not To

The delighted couple might make a big deal out of their engagement party being gift-free. If the engagement party invitations, their website, or their loved ones personally ask everyone to refrain from bringing presents, you’re off the hook.

Engagement Party Gift Ideas

  • Gift Cards

Gift cards are a favorite among all people because they are a free service that can be used whenever you want. To encourage many more future date nights, give the couple a gift card to a restaurant they enjoy.

You may also look into gift cards for movie theaters, spas, or any other fun date-type of experience. 

  • Flowers

Always bring flowers when in doubt! Flowers are the most lovely present to give to a couple who has just gotten engaged. They will decorate their home for several days after, and it will really feel like a celebration when you give the future bride some beautiful flowers. 

  • Wine

A newly engaged couple would appreciate receiving wine and champagne as gifts. If you want to include something that is particularly personal, you might want to include some wine glasses. Give the couple your favorite type of wine or one that you know that they enjoy. 

  • Chocolates Or Candy

Send the newlyweds a candy gift basket or some fine chocolates. Beautiful gift sets are made by businesses like Sugarfina that will impress a newly engaged couple. Everybody enjoys sweets when celebrating a special moment, so give them something special. 

  • Wedding Planning Items

If the future bride hasn’t already done so, you might decide to give her some wedding-planning supplies. Gifts like a wedding planning book, calendar or organizer, or even a cake cutting kit will be necessary for the wedding planning process. 

  • Engagement Card

Giving a simple card with a lovely design is a suitable present at an engagement party. Select the appropriate card for the situation, then write a thoughtful note inside. If you are feeling generous, add some cash for the newly engaged couple’s wedding fund.

  • Candle

A candle is a sophisticated present to give the newlyweds. Candles are a romantic addition to have in the house because of the enormous variety of scents available. Different brands have created specific scents that are perfect for an engagement gift, like this one from Homesick.

  • Personalized Print

Spend money on a custom print if you are the couple’s close friends or family. Whether it is the couple or a print of the couple’s pet, they will love the personalized gift to frame and put in their future home together. 

  • Wedding Keepsake Items

Give them a wedding keepsake organizer if you want the couple to keep memories from the wedding planning process. There are lots of these to choose from on wedding planning websites, so pick one that you think the bride will enjoy.

  • Photo Album

You could also present the couple with a photo album. Giving this to a couple who enjoys taking photos together would be ideal. Give a big photo album and maybe add some wedding scrapbook stickers or something bridal-related to add an engagement touch. 

Final Thoughts

When debating whether to bring a gift to an engagement party, consider a number of factors, such as your relationship with the couple, your budget, their party plans, and family or societal expectations.

The answer may not be easy, but the easiest gift of all to give – a warm and sincere congratulations – is free, takes no time to wrap, can’t be broken, and will be appreciated far more than any material item.

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