Can I Use Walmart Gift Card At Sam’s Club?

Gift cards for Walmart locations are one of those gift cards that are usable by everyone. From Apple electronics to actual apples, Walmart sells almost everything that Amazon does. Some people are unaware that this payment option is accepted at Sam’s Club stores in addition to Walmart. In fact, you can use a Walmart gift card at Sam’s Club.

Can You Use A  Gift Card At Sam’s Club

If you own a Walmart (Walmart/Walmart) offer and wonder, “Can I use a Walmart gift card at Sam’s Club?”, you are lucky because the answer is yes!

Sam’s Club (SC) will begin accepting your use of Walmart gift cards starting in 2021 for purchases made in-person or online. Unexpectedly, you can use this help to pay at gas stations in SC.

Given that SC is now owned and run by Walmart so that Sam’s Club members can fully benefit from these large company promotions, this issue is quite understandable.

According to Walmart, you can use them at:

  • Any Walmart stores in the United States or Puerto Rico
  • Online at
  • Sam’s Club stores (with a membership)
  • Online at Sam’s
  • Select Murphy USA fuel stations

At Sam’s checkout, you can use your remaining balance on your Walmart gift card just like a credit card. Give the cashier your card or swipe the magnetic strip on the machine. For the most part, gift cards can be used immediately after activation. There is no gift card fee for Sam’s Club members. However, if you are not a member, there is a 10% service fee added to your purchase.

Why Does Sam’s Club Accept Walmart Gift Cards

Concerns about the topic of coupon acceptance at these two establishments have been raised due to the different brands. You might not be aware that Sam’s Club is a chain of stores, a division of Walmart, and that parent company Walmart has full management control over it.

Even though the stores and brands differ, they are all part of the same organization, so cooperation between them is natural. 


You can use SC coupons at Walmart without any problems because of the aforementioned factors. Moreover, you can also operate many other payment methods at Sam’s Club, namely:

  • American Express
  • Sam’s Club Credit
  • Master-Card
  • Cash
  • Visa
  • Check
  • SNAP
  • Discover
  • Walmart Rewards-Card
  • Walmart MasterCard

What Advantages Are There To Using A Walmart Gift Card As Payment

Gift cards from Walmart make sweet tokens of appreciation for holidays or special occasions like graduation. You can show someone you appreciate them and even get them some discounts for just $5.

To begin with, using a gift card enables you to skip long lines at the register for a more pleasurable shopping experience. Additionally, gift cards (both physical and electronic) come pre-loaded with money, allowing you to use them for cashless transactions.

The attendant only needs to see the card, and they will take care of the rest. Additionally, gas stations owned by Sam’s Club and Walmart both sell gasoline. To buy fuel at Sam’s Club’s gas stations, you must, however, be a member of their membership program. 

Does Sam’s Club Gas Station Accept Walmart Giftcards

As we can see, SC is home to “gas stations,” where members can refuel. There are various types of payment support, depending on the station area. In general, you will still operate Walmart Giftcards for payments at SC.

The power at SC gas stations can also be purchased using cash and debit/credit cards. 

Refer to the details below for more information on the two types of vouchers that are typically provided to customers in the form of “cards”!

Plastic Gift

Both online and in SC stores, you can use the plastic option to make payments. Its PIN, which is printed on the card’s body, must be entered in order to use it online.

In particular, the PIN section is typically located below the “silver scratch area.” Cards with PINs let you use them online; if the card doesn’t have one, you can only use it in stores.


The purpose of this type is immediately apparent from the name alone. The eGift type is very practical, but you can only use it online. Additionally, you can exchange “Walmart eGfit” for genuine vouchers.

You can sign up for eGift validation online if you’d like to receive a “plastic offering”; after that, you’ll get an email with a print link that you can use. You must then proceed to the Walmart location to wait for a confirmation.

Keep in mind that the printout must include the PIN, the required details, and the number.

How To Use Your Gift Card Online

You can use a Walmart gift card to shop at Walmart or Just add everything you want to your cart at Sam’s Choose the gift card payment option at the time of checkout.

Usually a 16-digit code on the back of the card, the gift card number can be found there. You also require the card’s PIN, which is located on the back beneath the silver scratch-off.


Walmart offers physical gift cards for sale both online and in-store, but you can only use the eGift card to make purchases on Nevertheless, purchasing a Walmart gift card has a number of advantages, the first of which is a quick checkout; the second is that it can be given as a present to friends and family. 

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